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  • Favorite foods: speck, filone, fresh mozzarella, cold press extra virgin olive oil, margherita pizza, triple cream cheese
  • Last bite on earth: filone and burrata with cold press extra virgin olive oil

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Montreal July 4th Weekend Recs

Also, thinking about Europea and Restaurant Toque

Montreal July 4th Weekend Recs

Wikipedia says Bens De Luxe Delicatessen & Restaurant was demolished in 2008. If that's the establishment you were referring to.

Santillo's Brick Oven Pizza, a Time Machine in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Great article Adam! It is truly hard to write an article about Al and his pizzeria. I had the privilege to make pizza with Al a handful of times. You can see the first half of my experience below. (Be wary, I am not a great writer)

The bar Al recommends eating the pizza at is Vasco Da Gama. It is located on the corner of Grier Ave. and Summer Street. It is a Portuguese bar and restaurant. They let you sit at the bar and eat a pie if you purchase a few drinks. I hope this helps and I am glad you enjoyed your stay on the other side of the river.

Lunch for One: Pure Thai Shophouse

I was in the city the other day to support a Japan Relief Sample sale at Nepenthes. After the sale, I decided to stop at Shake Shack for lunch. After finishing my single, I realized I missed my bus home so I decided to pop onto serious eats to see what was in the area. (I usually chill downtown.) I read this review and decided to try out Pure. I arrived at Pure to an awesome environment of wood decor and rock music playing. I ordered the same dishes Kathy had and I was thoroughly impressed. So much, I ordered two of the Ratchaburi to go. The food is ridiculous and the prices are ridiculous. Thanks Kathy! GO GO GO!

1 Day in Boston Lunch & Dinner Rec?

Yes, I have a car. Thanks again for all the suggestions! Has anyone been to James Hook & Co Lobsters? They are highly rated on yelp and suppose to have an inexpensive lobster roll. Thanks again!

1 Day in Boston Lunch & Dinner Rec?

@dumsullivan, for my non-seafood meal I can do anything. I am truly open to all cuisines. What do you recommend?

Thanks for the recs everyone!

1 Day in Boston Lunch & Dinner Rec?

@simon, I cannot do Craigie on Main since I will be there on a Monday. Any other recs?

1 Day in Boston Lunch & Dinner Rec?

Yes, I want to avoid tourist traps. Bring it! hahaha

I just went to Ai Fiori so I doubt anything will trump that but give it to me.

1 Day in Boston Lunch & Dinner Rec?

Note, I would like to keep recommendations to the North End, West End, Downtown, South End if possible. Unless there is something that is can't miss. Thanks!

World Cup & Good Food

The Rye House on 17th between 6th and 5th had the game on yesterday afternoon. I am not sure about their food but their cocktails are out of this world.

Clifton NJ: Mario's Restaurant, Home of the 'Emma'-Style Pizza

@passion4pizza: Thank you for the information. Nancy's Towne House was originally a tavern, as well. So this makes sense. Thanks again!

Clifton NJ: Mario's Restaurant, Home of the 'Emma'-Style Pizza

Also, does anyone know the origin of this style of pie? Thanks!

Clifton NJ: Mario's Restaurant, Home of the 'Emma'-Style Pizza

Great piece Nick! I found a similar style pizza at Nancy's Towne House in Rahway, NJ. The sausage and garlic pie is amazing. I need to try Mario's in Clifton to compare. Check out my write up here.

Top This: How to Make Shaved Asparagus Pizza

Great idea! The pizza looks awesome! I am a fan of char and I do not questions Lahey's technique. I used his no-knead dough recipe to make grilled pizza yesterday. It came out well. The experience is on my blog.

Market Scene: Union Square Greenmarket

Is anyone selling starter plants? I need to find herbs and tomatoes for my garden. Thanks!

Video: Neapolitans Talk Pizza (While Ed Levine Antagonizes Them!)

This is an entertaining video. Typical Italian bickering. Does it really need subtitles? Anyway, I agree with Ed. I like neapolitan pizza but it tends to be droopy or flacid and at times soggy. The main argument is whether the oven is necessary. Enzo is confident a smaller oven and smaller opening (mouth) will produce more heat and retain more humidity thus compensating for bad technique, to retain a traditional neapolitan style. He also believes if the oven and the technique are perfect the style of pizza will be perfect. I guess only time will tell.

Win Tickets to Housing Works 'A Taste of Home' Celebrity Chef Benefit

Maria Hines executive chef & owner of Tilth. Top Chef Masters made me aware of her technique and philosophies about food including using local and organic products. Maria's knowledge and experience with the aforementioned subject matter could be an asset at various fundraising events.

New Jersey's Santillo's Serves a Timeline of Pizza History

Santillo's hands down produces the best pies in Central New Jersey. Richman's piece is excellent and accurately describes the pizza and Al's personality. Al is extremely personable. I am approximately 25 years younger than Al and when I order my pie we talk about pizza, history, politics and economics. In my opinion, the entire Santillo experience exudes ambiente. Also, Brian Yarvin the NJ Dispatch contributor for Serious Eats wrote a good piece on Santillo's last year. Here is the link and enjoy!

fresh ramps

Use them with almost any recipe which requires garlic/onions. For simple breakfast dishes include them in hash browns/eggs. Ramps are also great with pasta. For example, I used them in a pasta dish with fiddlehead ferns, speck and Cacio Di Bosco Tartufo Il Forteto cheese, a semi soft truffled sheep milk cheese from Central Italy. I also produced a ramp puree which I am pairing with asparagus and a protein yet to be determined (lamb?) tomorrow. Check out my blog The possibilities are endless!

Not cooking with olive oil

It all depends on what your cooking and which cooking methods you are using. Obviously, deep frying requires an oil with an extremely high smoke point (to lock in moisture and have a crispy texture) such as peanut and canola, as previously mentioned. I was told by the chef de cuisine at a local fine dining establishment that grape seed oil is used because of its high smoke point (to ensure better caramelization) and neutral flavor (neutral to avoid changing the flavor of high quality ingredients). I have been using grape seed oil for pan searing protein ever since and I agree with his assessment. Keep in mind, I still use an imported canned evoo for pasta sauce and Italian cuisine. Also, I always have a bottle of high quality cold press extra virgin olive oil for finishing dishes and dipping bread. What can I say, I love oil! I hope this helps.

Forward to the Past: New Sliders from White Diamond in New Jersey and Mark in NYC

Hello Nick,

I see the comments are quite lengthy for defending/justifying the Mark brand, which I mind you I have never tried. My intention is to leave Mark behind all of us and move this topic of discussion back to the motherland of slider/slider hamburger concoctions.

After driving to my favorite wine super store Joe Canals in Woodbridge, NJ and picking up a bottle of Argentinian Malbec, I figured what best to satisfy my craving for meat by visiting the newly opened White Diamond in Rahway, NJ. (Please note, I am an omnivore but I rarely consume beef product which is not grass fed and I do not eat meat on a daily basis)

Anyway, I just finished eating the slider/burger concoction and I was thoroughly impressed with the burger and the accuracy of your post. Also, I keep using the term slider/burger concoction because the owner stated to me that she would not classify this product as a slider. She proceeded to say "Well, if anything, it is a combination of a slider and a hamburger". Taking into an account the size and cooking method. With this said, the beef is fresh. Unfortunately, I did receive some cartilage or fat pieces which were not fully ground. One can look at this as good or bad. I tend to think it is good and it backs your statement that the beef is fresh ground chuck.

Keep in mind I purchased the small version (which I thought were just right). However, I am surprised you did not mention the different sizes of burgers offered. There is a large burger which you can purchase on a poppy seed roll.

All in all a good experience which brought back memories and satiated my craving for a good old NJ hamburger.

New Jersey Dispatch: Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza

I tried calling in an order today and found out that they will be closed until September 09, 2009. Vacation?


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