first year culinary student, leaning towards coffee shops and do stuff with things?

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  • Location: Montgomery, Al
  • Favorite foods: Anything indian, nearly anything chinese...chocolate is the shit, fo realz.
    ooh! Pizza! couldn't live without it!
  • Last bite on earth: It'd have to be either indian food(Narvathan Korma is the shit, yo), or pizza.

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We Try the New Lemon Oreos

I dunno sounds kinda crappy. And honestly, it looks kinda crappy, like the vanilla oreo knock-offs they used to sell in high school. I haven't actually bought oreos in like 10 years(I just can't bring myself to do it), but while I can say that most oreo varieties sound appealing at least in theory, I just can't say that here.

Yogurt Knife Recomendations?

man, I'm glad i'm not the only one who's confused here. Still, i feel compelled to spend a couple hours looking these "yogurt knives" up on the internet, because, you know, i heard those things are life changing.

I'm quitting the site

That's fine. Have a nice life.

Poll: Do You Send Your Burger Back if It's Not Cooked to Your Requested Doneness?

for a burger, usually no. That being said, I like my burgers in the mid-rare to medium range, so if i get a hockey puck on a bun, yeah, I'll usually send that back.

Lunch place near MOMA

what about Ma Peche? it's a david chang place, and it's pretty bangin''s where I ate after checking out moma.

Freshness Burger Invents a Wrapper That Acts as a Privacy Shield

ironically, this actually makes it worse...I picture behind that mask, instead of just some chick eating a burger, some sort of horrible feeding frenzy, too profane and depraved to show even on the internet.

Best Hot Sauce?

i'm a pretty big fan of sriracha. if i need something a little thinner, i'll usually go for crystal hot sauce or alaga hot sauce.

What to do with stale macaron shells? had a problem finding people to eat macarons? Didn't think that was a possibility.

good melting cheese in scrambled eggs

KISS-a good, sharp cheddar. There's a reason people have been doing it for years. speaking as a chef, don't try to re-invent the wheel.

How to teach a kid to eat more foods

here's how my parents did it--either I ate what I was given, or i didn't eat at all. Eventually you figure out squash isn't so bad.

Cookbooks for Gifts

ok, so this is semi-unrelated, but the best gift cookbook i've ever gotten came by way of the first chef i ever worked for, as a gift on my last day. "this book contains the sum of my knowledge as a chef," he said. As i left the building i flipped through it to find nothing but empty pages. on the very last page was a hand-written note saying simply "fuck you, figure it out for yourself, asshole." I hope some day I can pass on this book.

Sauced: Puttanesca

True story--I once worked under a KM who called the stuff "whore sauce."

What dish best represents the food of your region?

From Montgomery, Alabama. Fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese. This place is incredibly boring and culinarily speaking unsophisticated. don't think for a moment that this is some "simple yet delicious, made with love" BS. down here it's all about cheap and fast. people eat like cattle, with no appreciation for taste, plating or effort.

Blueberries and apple in a pie

why not do apple chunks(or slices or whatever) in a blueberry sauce? maybe like a blueberry compote, or something a little thicker?

Help cooking grass fed ribeyes

Gonna be totally honest with you, i feel like not only would i always avoid a "marked down beef" section, but i would probably just go ahead and entirely avoid any store that would have such a thing.
That being said, maybe it was marked down because it was just a shitty cut?

Hamburger with Fried Egg: Who Invented

I'm pretty sure that honor would have to go to, in some form or another, the mongolians, who ate raw beef or horsemeat toppped with a raw egg. This tradition continues with steak tartare today.

Japanese knives?

don't do global. god, no. I can't tell you how many globals i've seen with the first half-inch broken off. Tojiro knives are really good, but they're verrrry hard to sharpen. MAC knives are super awesome, but pricey. is a really good resource, they're pretty good about answering questions and stuff too.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

Carrots, maybe sweet potatoes. rutabagas, beets, turnips, too. Anything really tough, so a really, really sharp knife can shine through.

B&J Cannoli Ice Cream

Totally read that headline as "BJ & Cannoli ice cream."

Culinary Torch Recommendations

go to your local lowes or home depot and get a bernz-o-matic. i've never worked in a restaurant without at least one of these.

Thickening wine/stock sauces

well, there could be a number of issues. Firstly, make sure you're using good quality stock...broth will NOT work. neither will base. Secondly, be patient. I know the food shows always show a sauce reducing in 5 minutes, but it'll take a solid hot have to remember, your home range is nowhere near as powerful as the ranges we use in restaurants. Also, you have to have a LOT. it won't start to thicken until like 90 percent of the water has evaporated from it. For a red wine reduction we use at work, we start with five liters, and end up with like 4 cups. Thirdly, if it's a butter-thickened sauce, it'll take a pretty good amount of butter to get it to a "saucy" consistency. Also be mindful of how you're adding the butter. dumping it all in at once will most likely simply cause the sauce to break. instead, add the butter one pat at a time, whisking until it's dissolved before you add any more butter. If you'd like to show me the recipe, i might be able to give you some more specific advice.

Best fictional foods

how has nobody mentioned lembas bread yet? seriously, if it's good enough for elves, it's good enough for me.

How to Cook Duck Wings?

Deep-fry them and toss them in Frank's Red Hot?

Can you roast pre-minced garlic?

I guess if you had to, you could cook it sous vide? you might try covering the stuff in olive oil, and roasting it low and slow in a tightly covered pan. that MIGHT work, but i'm pretty sure what you'll end up with is gonna be bitter, dried out garlic.


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