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I think the advertising and/or survey layers breaking the site..

@simon: are you having trouble with the mobile Serious Eats or the regular Serious Eats using Opera Mini?

Is it just me?

@KTempesta: I tested FF3 on Mac and PC, and could not reproduce the problem you're experiencing. I have to agree with Adam -- perhaps you are clicking on the "x comments" link, which, by design, takes you immediately to the comments on a post.

Tonight Is National Men Make Dinner Night

Dang. I read it as National Make Dinner for Men Night.

Subscribe to Talk: RSS Feeds?

@fozziebayer: RSS feeds for comments on individual Talk topics and entries on SE is definitely a feature we're looking at adding in the future, based on our readers' demands.

Please this earlier thread partially related to this issue, where we tried to gauge our readers' desire for RSS or email updates for comments: Feeling frustrated with the board software.

Candy Corn: Anti Stance

You have my vote: I also dislike candy corn.

Gigantic Candy Corn For Sale on Craigslist, $3800

@windattack: I assure you, the huge candy corn photo is for real. I photoshopped Erin into the picture merely to show scale.

Feeling frustrated with the board software

Out of interest, I'd like to use this thread to gauge people's interest in having RSS and email updates for comments. If you could subscribe to an individual post's comments via RSS or email, would you?

First Taste: Motorino Pizza Is Awesome

The pizza at Motorino had one of the best crusts I've ever had.

James Beard Awards Add Blog Category

From the application form:

6. Blog focusing on Food, Restaurants, Beverage, or Nutrition:
Submit url; identify publisher and key contributors, if any. Judging will be based on the voice, originality, creativity, community, credibility, during the judging period; blogs must have been regularly published since January 1st, 2008.

$100 to enter!

New York vs. New Jersey on 'How I Met Your Mother'

@VerasTastyFreeze: New York is, in some ways, defined by culinary landmarks. When challenged as to why one should live in New York, some of the only legitimate reasons are the food.