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The Year That Was: 2008 on Serious Eats

My head is going to explode.

I think the advertising and/or survey layers breaking the site..

@simon: are you having trouble with the mobile Serious Eats or the regular Serious Eats using Opera Mini?

I'm whipped - bought too much cream!

British Cat Steals Burgers

I can has beefburger?

Photo of the Day: No Burger for Bambi

Anyone have favorite auditions from Food Network Star Season 5?

@Fuakatanga: is there a link?

Burger King Burger Shots

A Visit to Pat La Frieda Wholesale Meats

i [heart] this post.

man, I love Top Chef

Is it just me?

@KTempesta: I tested FF3 on Mac and PC, and could not reproduce the problem you're experiencing. I have to agree with Adam -- perhaps you are clicking on the "x comments" link, which, by design, takes you immediately to the comments on a post.

Idaho Statesman Ganks My Fatty Melt Recipe

That's just messed up.

Tonight Is National Men Make Dinner Night

Dang. I read it as National Make Dinner for Men Night.

Subscribe to Talk: RSS Feeds?

@fozziebayer: RSS feeds for comments on individual Talk topics and entries on SE is definitely a feature we're looking at adding in the future, based on our readers' demands.

Please this earlier thread partially related to this issue, where we tried to gauge our readers' desire for RSS or email updates for comments: Feeling frustrated with the board software.

Candy Corn: Anti Stance

You have my vote: I also dislike candy corn.

Irving Mill's Flap-Meat Burger

The Lines at the Polls in NYC: As Long as Those at Shake Shack?

Civic self-satisfaction != burger and fries.

Gigantic Candy Corn For Sale on Craigslist, $3800

@windattack: I assure you, the huge candy corn photo is for real. I photoshopped Erin into the picture merely to show scale.

Feeling frustrated with the board software

Out of interest, I'd like to use this thread to gauge people's interest in having RSS and email updates for comments. If you could subscribe to an individual post's comments via RSS or email, would you?

That corn syrup commercial

First Taste: Motorino Pizza Is Awesome

The pizza at Motorino had one of the best crusts I've ever had.

James Beard Awards Add Blog Category

From the application form:

6. Blog focusing on Food, Restaurants, Beverage, or Nutrition:
Submit url; identify publisher and key contributors, if any. Judging will be based on the voice, originality, creativity, community, credibility, during the judging period; blogs must have been regularly published since January 1st, 2008.

$100 to enter!

Slice vs. Vice: Stone-Coal WRONG


New York vs. New Jersey on 'How I Met Your Mother'

@VerasTastyFreeze: New York is, in some ways, defined by culinary landmarks. When challenged as to why one should live in New York, some of the only legitimate reasons are the food.

Why New York Pizza Is So Expensive These Days

Package of Bacon Forces Evac at Lawmaker's Office

hah, this is great.

Talk Improvements

Talk, Talk, Talk!Welcome to the new and improved Serious Eats: Talk! We wanted to make it easier for serious eaters to keep up with the increasing number of conversations that take place here every day. This is just the first of many site enhancements and features we've been working on. Here's a quick summary of the improvements we've made:

We redesigned the top level pages: It's now easier to scan the most recent talk posts and their comment counts at a glance.

We added a new Talk category: "Food Media and News." This is the place to talk about food television, films, magazines, newspapers, and news.

We took "In the Kitchen" and, for clarity, renamed it "Cooking and Baking": This is still the place for conversations about cooking, baking, recipes, and everything else in the kitchen. We also renamed "Site Talk" to "Site Feedback."

Did You Know?

Your profile page links to your most recent talk posts, comments, and responses to your comments (comments on a post submitted after yours). Keep tabs on the conversations you are participating in on Serious Eats by checking your profile page. Your profile pages is linked to wherever your username appears.

Update your profile page!

While you're checking out all the recent comment activity on your profile page, why not take a moment to update your profile page and tell your fellow serious eaters a little more about yourself? There's a handy link to edit your profile ("Edit my account") under your username in the top right login box.

What do you think of the new and improved Talk? We want to know! Let us know in the comments.

How do I cook a goose?

I'm thinking about cooking a goose for Christmas -- is cooking a goose like cooking a turkey or a chicken? Just season it and throw it in the oven at 350?

More Artichoke Craziness, But the Truth Hammer Rests

The velvet bag where the Truth Hammer is kept. Red, naturally. Sometimes the mere threat of overwhelming power is more effective than the indiscriminate use thereof. This holds for the Truth Hammer, as well. Therefore, I'm only glancing in the general direction of this trusty Slice device as I write. The Truth Hammer will remain in its velvet bag as I point out the words of Village Voice guest blogger Haily Eber (my emphasis): The Artichoke Slice at Artichoke Basille's Pizza & Brewery was recently featured in Time Out's "100 Best..things we ate and drank this year" and hailed... More

New Site Feature: Favoriting

We're excited to launch a new site feature today: favoriting. You can now add any blog post, recipe, talk topic, or Photograzing photo to your favorites by clicking "Favorite this!" Your favorites are saved to the "favorites" tab on your profile page so you can easily find them again. Think of it as your virtual Serious Eats recipe box. If you don't see "Favorite this!" next to an item you'd like to favorite, don't fret, it's coming! We'll be rolling this out across all the Serious Eats blogs over the course of the day. You'll need to be signed in to your Serious Eats account to save your favorites. If you don't have a Serious Eats account yet, go ahead... More

Artichoke Basille's Artichoke Slice a 'New Classic'?

Say wha, Time Out New York? It's hammer time! It's that time of year. The annual year-end round-ups are coming fast and furious. (Don't worry, homeslices, I'm workin' on them myself.) Today, Time Out New York drops its lists. For the most part, they're pretty solid. But I just had to reach in to the ol' Slice Bag o' Tricks and pull out the rusty but trusty Truth Hammer. See that nonsense above? The weekly magazine is naming Artichoke Basille's signature artichoke slice a "new classic." Please. We love the Artichoke regular and square slices, even if they are... More

Ramp Compound Butter

Ramps are only in season for about a month or two, but there are a few ways to preserve them so you can enjoy their flavor all year long. My favorite long-term preservation technique is making ramp compound butter and storing it in the freezer. More