Looking for a good food book

So, the novel Heartburn by Nora Ephron includes some delicious recipes (try the potatoes Anna and the cheesecake) and is hilarious. Wait until you get to the end. You'll never see a key lime pie the same way again.

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do you remember elementary school cafeteria food?

I am a blogger who teaches 2nd grade in the deep, deep, deep southern culture of rocky mount, nc. what elementary school food do you remember? my kids particularly have an affinity for chicken patties, sausage on a stick, square pizza...and of course, instant mashed potatoes. i want to know what you remember and what would be worth blogging about. because face it, we all have some horror story about the school cafeteria.

check out my blog to get a true picture of eastern NC and my second grade crazies:

Looking for a good food book

I'm on this, "I want to read every book about food possible" kick lately. Problem is, when you search on amazon for books about food, you get cookbooks. I want to know ABOUT food, not how to cook it. Any... More