Tabasco... or some other hot sauce?

Smoked paprika is a good one...but only in small doses, as it is relatively potent. I like to put horseradish in mash potato to give it a kick.

I rediscovered _______, and now I love it!

Yes, it's amazing how your tastes adapt as you grow up.

I used to hate the taste of olives when I was a child and now they are real delicacy for me, a real Mediterranean flavour that I love.

I am sure over-eating any sort of food as a child can also make you dislike it later in life. I have found this with baked beans.


I think tea is fantastic too and being British it is something that I have come to love, morning, afternoon, cream teas etc. It tends to be breakfast tea I drink but I do like to dabble in earl grey, mint and jasmin. Milk is a must for an english cupper!

Kedgeree - Breakfast or Dinner?

Any recipes would be very welcome! Thanks for the comments guys.

Chilli and Chocolate - Love it or hate it?

An interesting combination to say the least, chilli and chocolate has become increasingly popular in the UK, with several luxury chocolate companies selling this combination as part of their product range. Of an Aztec origin, I personally am not a huge fan, but feel that this could be incorporated more into savoury cooking as opposed to sweet treats.

What are people's views on this? Does anyone cook with chocolate and chilli?

The wonders of chilli jam

I recently bought some locally produced chilli jam from a farmer's market in Bath, UK. Both fiery and sweet, I can't get enough of it! I once remember having it with squid in Australia a while back - does anyone else have any experience of it elsewhere?

Kedgeree - Breakfast or Dinner?

The traditional British breakfast from colonial India is a nice healthy dish, but would you really want to start the day with spiced rice and fish?

I like the idea of this dish as a light dinner, but does anyone have any comments on how to make it more appropriate for breakfast or more indulgent for dinner?

Local butcher shops beat supermarkets

I bought a piece of pork belly from the butcher's at the weekend and came to realise that not only is the experience much more engaging than the depersonalized packet buying at supermarkets, but the quality of the meat is so much better. A thick layer of fat combined with a chunky layer of meat made for a fantastic crisp skin with meltingly tender meat underneath. The quality of the meat is just the start of it. I love the gamey smells that emanate from the meat hanging in the window, the local accents of the family owners and the idea of good local produce. I love the rapport you are able to build with the staff and the scope for exploration in choosing different cuts of meat. Why would anyone buy their meat from a supermarket if this kind of food destination is available? Long live the British butcher!

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