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Tabasco... or some other hot sauce?

Smoked paprika is a good one...but only in small doses, as it is relatively potent. I like to put horseradish in mash potato to give it a kick.

I rediscovered _______, and now I love it!

Yes, it's amazing how your tastes adapt as you grow up.

I used to hate the taste of olives when I was a child and now they are real delicacy for me, a real Mediterranean flavour that I love.

I am sure over-eating any sort of food as a child can also make you dislike it later in life. I have found this with baked beans.


I think tea is fantastic too and being British it is something that I have come to love, morning, afternoon, cream teas etc. It tends to be breakfast tea I drink but I do like to dabble in earl grey, mint and jasmin. Milk is a must for an english cupper!

Kedgeree - Breakfast or Dinner?

Any recipes would be very welcome! Thanks for the comments guys.


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