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Roadtrip-DeathValley, Utah, GrandCanyon, Albuquerque, St.Louis

Hi there!

What a good trip. Ok, so I am from Albuquerque and often go back, and if you want awesome and authentic NM food, you should try El Patio in the University district--their green chile stew is cheap and second to none. For the very best red chile, go to El Modelo--it's a hole in the wall place in the South Valley that is takeout only (but they have seats outside), and the carne adovado burrito will blow your mind. If you can make it up to Santa Fe, The Shed is a must, and also in Albuquerque, a big sweet roll and breakfast burrito at The Frontier is a classic thing to eat.

Good luck!

Ratatouille tart

This is just like what the rat made in Ratatouille to win over that critic's icy heart.

Cook the Book: Easy Gluten-Free Baking

I am partial to Yiddish pastries given my grandmother's amazing ability to make them when I was a little girl. Prune hamantaschen, a three-cornered cookie with carmelized, plummy filling, are perhaps one of my favorite delights in the world. And then there is rugelach, or roll cookies, which involve taking triangles of thin, salty dough, sprinkling them with dates, walnuts, or cinnamon, and rolling them up into sweet little cigars. The Jews really know from cookies.

What is your fantasy food business?

Ok so I have this dream of opening a cookbook shop--all cookbooks from around the world, some very obscure like church potluck books from the 1940s or books from distant lands--and vintage recipes from other centuries, all in a little shoebox of a place, along with a section for vintage cookware and tools.



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