• Location: philadelphia, pa
  • Favorite foods: cacio e pepe
    toads in a hole, yolk broken
    cornbeef specials
    spinach quiche
    noodle kugel
    bagel with kippered salmon/whitefish salad
    sauteed button mushrooms

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The Best Chocolate Babka in NYC, 2015 Edition

i think i like baz's babka more than their bagels. it's amazing.

Don't Call Chicken and Dumplings Depression-Era Cheap Eats

the recipe looks totally different than the photos for this article??? am i missing the recipe for the round dumplings as opposed to the slick flat ones?

Dipping Into Queso, a Texas Potluck Classic

any way to share the recipe for torchy's queso? i dream of it...

What are NYC's Most Overrated Restaurants?

blue ribbon brunch. it's ungodly expensive and no better than tons of the other brunch places that are half as snobby and half as expensive. and their bloody Marys are kind a of meh. also, momfuku milk bar. I don't like anything! I've tried the crack pie, the cereal milk ice cream, the truffles, and countless other stuff and it's all pretty underwhelming. meh.

Philly - Reading Market Area - After Hours

oh, and for dessert you MUST go to Capogiro on Sansom. It's the most amazing gelato you'll have outside of Italy with an amazing variety of flavors. i do believe that national geographic called it the best ice cream in the world. all the world. campari grapfruit and ciaccolato scuro are two of their best flavors.

Philly - Reading Market Area - After Hours

you'll be in walking distance of tons of great restaurants! Raw sushi & Sake Lounge on Sansom is really close, Talula's Table is an amazing farm to table restaurant, El Vez is good mexican, Smoking Betty's has good bbq and drinks, Bellini Grill looks sort of cheesy but has amazing old-school italian red sauce food, Parc is great rustic french, Melagrano has delicious modern italian, i could go on for a long time. Kanella is byob and one of my absolute favorites, really fresh cypriot food (sort of a mix between middle eastern and greek). you would also do totally fine wandering up sansom or locust. i'm not a huge fan of philadelphia chinatown, especially if you're from somewhere like nyc with a better one.

Irish Potatoes: The Sweetest Candy You've Never Heard Of*

yum! i was wondering why i couldn't find these in nyc! i'll have to make a trip home now to satisfy the craving :)

Cook the Book: 'Kitchen Confidence' by Kelsey Nixon

chili! a variation on the smitten kitchen version.

What's the Weirdest Ice Cream Flavor You've Ever Tried?

avocado. it was delicious!

capogiro in philly (technically gelato) has amazing/strange flavors.

What is Your Pretzel Preference?

is there anywhere in nyc to get the extra tasty squishy and oblong philadelphia soft pretzels?