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Where to Eat Outdoors in NYC, 2014 Edition

It's been a punishing winter, but now that the weather's reliably warm it's time to get outside. This city has plenty of outdoor dining—so much so, in fact, that it can be hard to know where to go. To help you out, we've rounded up some of our favorite restaurants, from cheap to blow-out, that satisfy on both food and outdoor atmosphere. More

18 Sausage and Hot Dog Recipes for Memorial Day

Come Memorial Day, you're going to find hot dogs and brats on grills all over the country. There's nothing wrong with just slapping a store-bought dog on the grill, breaking out the mustard, and calling it a day, but if you want to take your tubed meat game to the next level we've rounded up 18 of our favorite hot dog and sausage recipes. More

30 Grilled Chicken Recipes for Memorial Day

When the average American lights up their grill on Memorial Day, they've likely got a few meats ready to go. Hot dogs and hamburgers are the standards, but chicken is right up there with them. Chicken is a great meat, but its lean nature can make it tricky to grill. With a little technique, though, even a simple chicken breast can become the star of your cookout. We've rounded up 30 of our favorite grilled chicken recipes to keep you eating all weekend long. More

16 Sweet Pea Recipes We Love

Move over, frozen peas—it's spring. Now's your chance to find fresh sweet peas at the grocery store or farmer's market. What to do with them once you've got them home? We've got 16 delicious ways to use them all up (and yes, they'll work on the sweet pea's frozen brethren, too). See them all after the jump! More

Fishing for Somen: How I Hosted a Japanese Backyard Noodle Party in My Studio Apartment

@whiskeyboy, being upstream also helps because the volume of noodles is greater. When I tried my hand at this I stood near the end of the flume, and by the time the noodles got to me there were fewer of them and they were harder to grasp.

Don't Let Cheese Scraps Languish: Turn Them Into an Easy and Elegant Cheese Quiche

I probably have half a dozen cheese nubbins in my fridge right now - this is great.

A One-Day Food Tour of Astoria, Queens, NYC's Mediterranean Paradise

Great, now I desperately need to get up to Astoria. Thanks a lot, Max.

10 Must-Try Wheat Beers for Summer

Even if the weather still sucks, like it did this year, the first day of summer is always the first pint of Oberon. I don't think it's objectively the best beer in the world, but I have a huge sentimental attachment to it.

How Ivan Orkin is Changing New York's Ramen Cuisine

Made it to the new shop on Thursday. The ramen I had was good. Not life-changing, but very good. The Tofu Coney Island, however, really was spectacular. I still want to try the Four Cheese Mazeman, but from what I can tell the draw at Ivan is definitely the appetizers.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

For the record, eating almost nothing but deviled eggs all day is a terrible decision (even when they're Kenji and Daniel's delicious deviled eggs).

Why I Love Hotel Bars

I love this. I feel the same way about airport bars - maybe even more than hotels, they represent weary travelers stuck together, looking for comfort in alcohol and the kinship of strangers.

Jamie's Guide to LA's Must-Eat Mexican Food

It pains me to say this as a New Yorker, but I'll just be real here: LA's Mexican food scene is about a thousand times better than New York's, in terms of depth, breadth, and sheer scope. Every time I'm in LA, I go on a serious Mexican marathon, scrambling desperately to cram all of the city's tacos down my throat in one fell swoop. This has lead to some great gastrointestinal discomfort, but also an ever-expanding roster of favorites, and not just in the taco category. Every time I visit, these are the places I plan my trip around. More