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Cook the Book: 'Joy of Kosher' by Jamie Geller

since we eat kosher/mehadrin all the time, I was going to just buy this book, but I'd rather win it for free. Quintessentially Jewish of me, no?

Staff Picks: What's Your Recipe Deal-Breaker?

I'm usually not afraid of recipes for any reason, but sometimes it's impossible to get out of season produce here in Israel. Like Limes. so I have to think of recipes as seasonal things. deep frying happens at chanukkah time, lime recipes happen in late Summer, etc. But I will never use green peppers, I'll always sub in orange, yellow, or red.

A GREAT use for pomegranate molasses is as a marinade for dark-meat chicken, paired with mint and garlic. I make it almost every year at Rosh Hashana, and never have leftovers.

The 25 Best Things I Ate in Israel

I agree with Brooke. White cheese is cream chese/gvina levana/sour cream. Yellow cheese is edam/gilboa, and Bulgarit is its own category. If I asked for white cheese at my super or makolet, they'd hand me something in a cup, not bulgarit.

Have You Tried Bamba, the Israeli Puffed Peanut Butter Snack?

Strawberry Bamba taste just like Crunchberries, only without the annoying tearing-up-the-roof-of-your-mouth part. Bamba with chocolate are the best, halva filling fails to live up to it's potential. There are benefits to living in Israel, and one of them is becoming a Bamba expert.

Important Passover Question: Is Matzo and Peanut Butter Kosher for Passover?

@lola del rio-the quotes are there because the sale is more of a legal fiction than anything else. Yes, whoever the random non-Jew we sold our Bourbon and breadcrumbs to could legitimately come to our house and claim them from the suitcase on our back porch. But the likelihood of that actually happening is zero. And, once the holiday is over, we re-claim them.

AND PB could very well be considered kosher for Passover if it was made from Just peanuts and sugar and other acceptable products, if you hold by R. Moshe Feinstein, who served peanuts at his seder every year, and said they were fine for Passover.

Vegan Fast Food Options

Just for the record, having worked prep at a Taco Bell, many of the things most people think of as "vegetarian" or "vegan" from there are not. The refried beans are re-constituted with 1/4 c lard or vegetable shortening (you have to ask, it varies from store to store) the same lard goes into the red sauce and green sauce. The guac has dairy ingredients also.

Gadgets: Salad Shooter by Presto

@Bitchinfixins - We have the same problem in Israel, but the small wall converters will work fine for low-wattage appliances, which I think this is. 120 appliances from the US are soooo much cheaper, it's worth the investment to get a converter. A kitchenaid mixer here costs 4x as much and it's not even the nice stand mixer like I got for my wedding. Same thing with blenders, hand mixers, almost everything.

Zapp's Voodoo Chips Are Awesome

I was just glad to see that they are kosher!

Taco Bell's Cantina Tacos: Better Than The Original?

As an FYI for most vegetarians, the beans at most taco bells are not vegetarian. I used to work there, and the beans come in big, dehydrated bags to which a few quarts of water and a scoop of lard is added. Some places use vegetable shortening, but not all. you have to check with EACH Restaurant to be sure. the Lard is cheaper, which is why most places use it.

How To Make Tortillas

@Berte- You can buy a tortilla press on Amazon for less than $20 and have it shipped to Italy (expensive but worth it) or have a friend bring one from the states when they visit. Until then, you can smash the dough between two plates, pie pans, or whatever will make them flat. Polenta will likely not work, not being a limed product. You may have to search out masa at a specialty store or learn to make your own.

Video: The American 'Ethnic' Food Section at a German Grocery Store

I wish I cold get boxes of Arm & hammer in Israel!!!! I get so tired of "European" sized baking powder, baking soda, vanilla flavoring, powdered sugar, etc.
@rodzilla Heinz is like coke, it's worldwide, you don't need an American section for that.
@cthulucooks You can make taco seasoning from scratch if you have access to a reasonable spice market. It's mostly cumin, dried onion/garlic, and dried chiles. I make a good taco and fajita in a country where there is not a single Mexican restaurant to be had.

The Crisper Whisperer: 10 Small Ways to Declare Your Food Independence

Does anyone know if there is there a place you can get a sustainable fish guide for the rest of the world?? I live in the Middle East.

the best place to let kneaded bread rise?

I always let my challah rise on top of the fridge overnight. it's warm there, even in winter. Like someone else said, on a running dryer also works well.

How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally, Without a Store-Bought Kit

so I totally tried this just as a fun Passover treat, I mean, blue eggs, how cool! Mine did not work so well as the ones in the photo, but they were definitely blue. Maybe we'll try again for Shavuot. Any ideas why mine turned more brown-blue than colbalt? I left them in overnight, I though maybe the stainless steel pans were the problem?

How Much Do You Know About Passover Foods?

You hide the piece of matza called the afikomen and then eat it for dessert. You pour an extra cup of wine at the table for the prophet Elijah (eliyahu ha'navi). unless you follow Sephardi tradition, then one person guards the afikomen, and the Elijah thing is skipped altogether (at least according to the Ben Ish Chai).


try adding dates instead of raisins, or any dried fruit, really. We use dates, and ours is awesome. Pears are also a nice addition.

Blue Ribbon's Excellent Matzo Ball Soup

You can't put butter into a meat dish. Milk and meat products don't mix in the Kosher world. Margarine would be fine. Baking powder is fine. When English Bibles translated the Hebrew word "chametz" into "leavening" it made a huge problem. The word really would be better translated "sourdough" or it's like, as the prohibition is against a mixture of grain products and water. If the Israelites had had baking powder, they wouldn't have had to wait for their bread to rise, right?

An Introduction to Kosher Wine

@d6j6r6-Judaism is a lovely set of rules to live your life by. If you get caught up in the rules, it becomes quite boring, but if you see them as a service of thankfulness to your creator, it is simple.

Carmel winery puts out some nice wines, including a moscato that isn't cloyingly sweet. All Kosher for Passover. One or two of the 4 glasses being sweet instead of dry is a nice variety, particularly before the meal.

What Are Your Favorite Matzo Recipes for Passover?

I'm Sephardi and I love to put sliced avocados, hummus and spiced tehina on Matzo. But we're further heretics and actually use soft matza at our seder, hand-made by our Rav. You can't get it in the states (maybe in NY? If you know some Sephardim??) but it is WAAAAY better for eating plain than the crackers. We rolled them up with lamb and hummus and salad for passover schwarma last year. Sooo good!

Impromptu Pepsi Throwback Taste Test

If you want soda made with sugar and not imported from Mexico, Try going to any kosher market around Passover. Kosher-for-passover coke (and Sprite) is made with sugar b/c some Jews abstain from corn during passover.
Coke in Israel is made with sugar year round. Lucky me!

Haggis, Coming to the United States?

@christopher-There's a reason you can't get lung meat. It's gross, not very tasty and very tough. I can get it seasonally here in Israel and made it for new year this last year. I love meat, but this was not nice. My 2 year old ate a bit, but the sound of cutting it was enough to turn me off. Like sawing on a meaty balloon. The foam that came off it while stewing was pretty off-putting as well.

Street Food Profiles: LIBA Falafel in the Bay Area

In Israel all falafel comes with fries! all the good ones, anyway.

How to roast a chicken?

If you already buy kosher meat, don't brine it. it's been salted. The basic roast chicken is easy: buy. rinse. Put it in a pan (I use a ceramic or glass pan) sprinkle on salt and pepper. Cook in a 425 oven for at least 45 minutes (use your thermometer). let it sit 5-10 minutes and then cut it up. you can add other things like oregano, rosemary, etc depending on what else you're making.

Do You Have a Favorite Brand of Butter?

You should try making your own by shaking heavy cream in a jar. fresh is best! and you also get buttermilk from the deal, so you can make biscuits to enjoy your butter with.


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