I'm work as a visual designer at an interactive agency. When I’m not designing, I’m taking photos, baking yummy stuff, or listening to groovy 70s music. I look forward to having tea in my backyard, planning vacations and relaxing with friends.

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  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Favorite foods: Anything with lots of distinct flavor, and fresh ingredients! Hot grilled sandwiches, sashimi, thin crust pizza, noodle soup, carnitas tacos, butternut squash, raviloi, clam chowder, dolmas, pot stickers, and any kind of curry...the list goes on.
  • Last bite on earth: My mom's Taiwanese ketchup fried rice.

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Easy, Herb-Packed Falafel

This was AWESOME. This is the first time falafel came out exactly how I wanted it to. My other attempts were always too dry or bland. This is going to be a weekly staple for me!

The Food Lab: The Book Has Arrived

Congrats, Kenji! I've been reading your column since you started, and it's my go-to source for anything food related. Thanks for making debunking myths, unraveling the hidden secrets of food, and making cooking easier, tastier, and way more fun. I can't wait to get the book. I'm sure it's a masterpiece.

The Food Lab: Really Awesome Black Bean Burgers

These black bean burgers were the best I've ever had. You've nailed the texture,Kenji! I also appreciated how this recipe didn't have any sort of chili or garlic powder, which can sometimes make food taste oddly processed.

A Sandwich a Day: Jalapeño Popper at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco

I practically work next door to this place, and let me tell you - it's hard not getting a grilled cheese everyday. Their $6 breakfast grilled cheese is pretty killer, too.

San Francisco May Ban Happy Meal Toys

Wow, really? I hope they keep the Happy Meal and replace the food with healthier stuff. Might be a good way to get kids to like things they might not normally eat.

Cook the Book: 'The Ciao Bella Book of Gelato and Sorbetto'

I worked as a front desk receptionist one summer during high school at a real estate office that couldn't be more quiet or dull. The only thing that helped me keep my sanity was the amazing gelato from a mom and pop place on the corner. I didn't make much, but I always made enough to treat myself for a pistachio gelato. To this day, that's what gelato reminds me of, and the memories from that summer make it taste that much better.

Chorizo Hash Browns

That looks fantastic. I'll have to try it with soyrizo.

Purple Poop

@Madelyn Rodriguez: Sorry, doesn't look like SeriousEats allows linking. But you get the idea...just use what it says on the bottom of this page for inserting a URL.

Purple Poop

@MadelynRodriguez: Sorry, doesn't look like SeriousEats allows image linking, so just copy and paste this to see what I did.

Purple Poop

@MadelynRodriguez: Ah, that's easy. If you click on the time marked for the comment (yours is "10:36AM on 07/30/10") you get a URL. Copy that into what you're writing and put link tags around it (it's posted at the very bottom of this page for reference, too).

I took a screenshot for you:

Hope that helps.

What did you eat for dinner tonight?

@Dana828 and @Kitchenista: I made sweet corn ice cream too! Took photos of the process here: ">

It was so good!

What did you eat for dinner tonight?

@Dana828 and @Kitchenista: I made sweet corn ice cream too! Took photos of the process here: ">

It was so good!

What did you eat for dinner tonight?

@Dana828 and @Kitchenista: I made sweet corn ice cream too! Took photos of the process here:

It was so good! My favorite is still Gourmet's Salted Caramel Ice Cream, though.

Purple Poop

Thanks for all the comments! Glad I'm not the only one with crazy poo. Ha.

@Catboy: Hilarious. Thank you. I'm glad bodily functions are open for discussion on a food site…I thought I was going to get bashed for this.

@Kitchensita: Still have not experience asparagus pee…thank god.

@beth1: Ha, maybe carrots aren't a bad thing to feed dogs.

@MarlsBarkley, @Sharona Zamboni and @Cassaendra: I'll have to remember not to drink Blue Curacou, Cotton Candy, or Sunny D. I don't want bright green pee.

@JerzeeTomato: Please do share the blue gatorade stories.

@Kristin314: I love how you think blue pee is awesome (I think most people would be freaked out).


@Denita TwoDragons: "Crapping leprechauns". Now you have me laughing like an angry pug with his tail shoved into a light socket.

Have You Ever Had Airline Food You Actually Liked?

Oh my gosh, no. I've always had bad airline food. I usually end up bringing ramen (the kind that comes with a styrofoam bowl), and ask the stewardess to fill it up with hot water for me. Sadly, I think this is better than the stuff they serve.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I'm waiting for you guys to start a San Francisco branch!

A Tour of Serious Eats Headquarters

Awesome office! I love how there's food everywhere. By the way, I'm Chichi's biggest fan.

What's With the Lack of Fresh Ingredients in Spain?

@rasellers0: Yes, you're probably right. I'm spoiled living in the U.S., but even more so in California where fresh produce is so easy to get.

@kokeshi: I had the same experience! My salads usually came with tuna on top, and other preserved foods. Either that or tons of mayo-like stuff. They definitely know their meats and cheeses, though.

Grilling: Chicken Fajitas

The chicken is marinating in the fridge right now. Can't wait to come home tomorrow night and try this out! Thanks.

What's With the Lack of Fresh Ingredients in Spain?

Thanks for the responses. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that experience!

@AnnieNT: I did find their food a little on the salty side.

@Carioca: I came home and had salad for a week!

@merstar: I wish I had a local guide! I was looking everywhere for fresh food, but with no luck. But you're right, the locals probably know where to go.

@gingercookiewithlime: I was also wondering the same. Maybe all the traditional food is made with preserved ingredients because the recipes were written at a time when there was no refrigeration, or less resources?

What's With the Lack of Fresh Ingredients in Spain?

@Katie: It could definitely be an expectations thing. The food looks so colorful in cookbooks here (and in Spain). Maybe it's just the work of good food stylists!

I went to Madrid and Barcelona. I had a few good seafood dishes there but most were salted, pickled, and preserved. Very strange considering there's a lot of fish in the warm waters over there.