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Anniversary Dinner in Manhattan

Thanks! Those look like excellent options. I've never done a tasting menu before, which I think would be a lot of fun.

Sfincione (Sicilian New Years Pizza with Bread Crumbs, Onions, and Caciocavallo)

This seems to me like the sort of thing Italians would leave out and eat at room temperature. My question is how long do you think would be safe? I was thinking of making this for an office party, but since I work 6-3, I would be making it the night before, so it would be out for close to 20 hours. Any thoughts?

The United States of Pizza: Connecticut

I underestimated Connecticut pizza before I moved here. I assumed that CT was white bread country and the pizza would be lousy. I'm happy to say that I was quite wrong. I live in Manchester and Mulberry St Pizza is my regular pizza joint, and one of the Frank Pepe's is nearby as well. Wooster St Pizza in town is also excellent, if not somewhat gimmicky with its toppings. Pizza life is good here, and having lived in Raleigh-Durham NC, I know what it's like when it's bad.

Slice Poll: Your Sweetheart Doesn't Like Pizza -- Dealbreaker?

You know those hypotheticals people like to ask? Things like: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? For me that answer would be, with hesitation or thought, Pizza. For my wife it would probably be Chinese food. So whenever the question of takeout comes up, we have different answers (usually). As much as I love Pizza, it can't compare to my love for my wife.

It might effect where I would be willing to live, however.

Poll: What Kind of Cheese Do You Like on Grilled Cheese?

Another great option is taleggio, it makes for a seriously excellent grilled cheese.


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