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Wendy's New Burger, Dave Hot 'N Juicy Burger

Had one of these (unbeknownst to me at the time) at a Columbus-area Wendy's a few months ago, and just had one from my local store yesterday.

The patties are definitely juicier and seem beefier, but the buttered and toasted bun seems to be prone to sliding around and falling apart. Also, the cheese melts too quickly now. On just a five-minute trip from the store back to my house, most of the cheese on the burger had converted itself to cheese paper for me to scrape after unwrapping the burger.

It's definitely good, but if I want a toasted-bun burger, I'll still be at Culver's.

Labor Day Giveaway: Tenderloin Filets and Cedar Grilling Planks

Being poor but enjoying steak, I like to get a nice, thick-cut chuck steak and grill it to somewhere around rare or medium-rare. It's not a ribeye or a sirloin, but for somewhere around $4 for a dinner plate-sized steak, I'll take it.

Drink the Book Giveaway: 'Homemade Soda'

As a lover of good root beers, I'd be interested to see what he's got.

Diet sodas - recommendations?

I'll second (fourth? fifth?) the recommendations on diet root beer. When I decided to start switching off full-sugar sodas, Diet Barq's and Diet A&W were lifesavers.

Diet Sun Drop isn't as bad as Diet Mountain Dew, but I still haven't found a diet citrus soda that doesn't taste funky.

Dinner Tonight: Cornbread and Beef Skillet Pie

Think this would work with a Jiffy cornbread mix? The wife bought a multi-pack of it on sale and it's just been sitting around the pantry for forever.

Marinara recipe?

That Batali recipe sounds perfect. Thanks, everyone!

KFC or Popeyes?

Lee's Famous Recipe and their extra crispy spicy. Lee was the Colonel's nephew, and apparently he learned some secrets while he was helping build KFC out as a chain.

Cold Stone Creamery

I love the Coffee Lovers Only, which is coffee ice cream with caramel, Heath bars and chopped almonds mixed in. Delicious, especially if paired with a waffle cone or bowl.

Baking/searing burgers: problems getting done?

That's the truly puzzling part: this oven has run hot since the first time I used it. My wife does a lot of baking and is constantly having to adjust her cooking times down because it just screams.

I started the oven at 200, and after 15 minutes the burgers had barely gotten to room temp inside (from refrigerator temperature). I had to keep bumping the oven up because it just wasn't moving at all. I'm starting to suspect it can't do low temperatures well.

your priciest meal?

Baker-Peters Jazz Club in Knoxville, Tenn. for the first dinner my wife and I had as a married couple.

Total for the two of us topped $200, which got me a steak so tender I could cut it with a butter knife, a shrimp cocktail with four shrimp that were almost the size of a banana and a couple of really nice cocktails.

Marinara recipe?

Anyone got a decent marinara recipe that can be made in advance and will keep for a while? I'm getting tired of buying the same generic jar of sauce every time the family wants spaghetti for dinner.

Baking/searing burgers: problems getting done?

So, thought I'd try the recipe for baking hamburgers at low temp, then searing to finish that I found on the site.

Instead of taking 15-30 minutes at 200, though, I had to go almost an hour at 275 to get to 135, then had to sear for almost twice as long as the recipe called for to get to 160. (Have a 2-year-old and a wife who won't eat a hamburger that isn't completely gray, so I have to get them pretty well done.)

I pulled one and checked it in multiple places with my thermometer and got 160 or above, yet when my wife started eating, there were spots she described as almost raw inside. The kid's was completely well-done inside, and the other two burgers I checked were almost perfect medium-well.

What confuses me most is how a burger can read that high in multiple spots with a thermometer, yet still have undercooked spots distributed within. (The ground beef was not frozen when it was made into patties, so I know there weren't frozen chunks inside it.)

Suggestions and ideas for future attempts? I already have problems getting the wife's steaks done correctly, since I prefer medium-rare and she wants medium to medium-well, so additional meat cooking problems are not helpful.

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