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Moving to Denver - where to eat?

Just wanted to update to say that I checked out Tokyo Joe's! My budget is only allowing me to go out once a week or so, but I've also tried Fat Sully's pizza (pretty good), Swing Thai (about to close for a month to remodel), Cheeky Monk (the boyfriend loved it and they recommended the perfect beer for me) and a couple more. Hoping to go to Casa Bonita soon!! Thanks again for your recommendations, everyone. :)

Sweet Technique: How to make Canelés (Cannelés) de Bordeaux

Those look incredible. So incredible that even though I've never had one, I'm tempted to try to bake them. Maybe I'll try to find one at a bakery in my area first...

Doctoring store-bought cake mixes

Don't laugh, but instead of all the things they say to add, I often use 2 egg whites and a can of diet ginger ale instead. Then, I add really good vanilla or fresh lemon zest or PB2 (peanut butter powder) and I always make homemade Swiss buttercream. But if I'm not trying to make a "light" recipe, I just go all out from scratch with good chocolate.

Do You Frequently Get Take Out?

I have never had such an awesome neighbor! We occasionally get takeout, but what that means is cheap Chinese from around the corner or bringing Chipotle or Noodles & Company back to the house. Unfortunately, the area I live in Columbus is not exactly a mecca for good takeout.

Movie Food

I know I shouldn't, but I bring my own. I often pop popcorn at home and bag it up and also bring a water bottle. Occasionally, I make a Target run to grab some fruit snacks or something. There was one time in high school when I took an entire Chipotle burrito in and that was pretty awesome. I have some pretty big tote bags and no one has ever bothered to check!

Tipping & Bad Service: What's Your Policy?

I normally tip at least 20%. With me, I go in with the belief that I will have a great experience. If it's outstanding I tip more and if it's really unpleasant I tip less. Like many posters, I have also worked in the restaurant business and am sensitive to issues that might have more to do with the kitchen or the runner than the server. I do occasionally chat with a manager for both excellent and sub-par service.

Pet Peeves When Dining Out

My biggest pet peeve is lack of filling beverages - I agree with LuckyOne that the server should be just as attentive after the entree is served. I also get annoyed when the server doesn't pick up the check for-EVER after my credit card is clearly visible.

Moving to Denver - where to eat?

Ahhh, Casa Bonita! I lived in Colorado as a kid and still recall the school trip there and the super-sweet sopapillas. I can't wait to go back - I didn't realize it was still there! As for Jerusalem's, Beaujo's, and Tokyo Joe's, those all sound like places I would love. Thank you so much for your suggestions! I'll have to update here when I check them out.

Heading to Nashville

Just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughtful suggestions! This is what we ended up doing:
Pancake Pantry - waited outside and it was a bit cold but pretty good. I think the pancakes were similar to what I have found at similar breakfast places here in Columbus. However, the hashbrowns were uncommonly good as noted.
Fido - we stopped here for beautiful coffees after Pancake Pantry (it's nearly next door) and I picked up some incredible Olive & Sinclair chocolate.
Loveless Cafe - Absolutely loved it and enjoyed nosing around their gift shop as well. No wait on a weekday morning, and the food and service were amazing. We took home BBQ from the place on property, which was also delicious.
Prince's Hot Chicken - Yep, the wait was long. An hour and a half. The sides were eh but the chicken was good - but I don't think it was worth such a long wait.
The Pharmacy - went for burgers, fancy sodas, and milkshakes. It was great! Burgers were a tad overcooked but the bar staff was excellent.
Whiskey Kitchen - The wait was a little long for a weeknight, about 40 minutes, but the food was good. My boyfriend loved his biscuit sliders with their accompanying sauces.
Las Paletas - worth going to! Absolutely delicious dipped in chocolate. I wish I had taken some home!
Hog Heaven - this was right across from our hotel, but definitely overrated. I've had better BBQ here in Columbus.

Desperately wanted to try The Catbird Seat, but it was out of our price range. Hopefully I can save up because it sounded amazing.

Anyway, thanks again! If I go back, I will certainly have new places to try. :)

Heading to Nashville

pistacio_macaron - I love your handle and I love these recommendations! Can't wait to try Las Paletas and biscuits at Loveless. Did you find that Pancake Pantry was overrated or actually great? I've heard both. Thanks again for your thorough notes! :)

Heading to Nashville

PoorOldMama, thank you so much! We will definitely check those out. I've heard a few places need cash, so a trip to the ATM will be in order. I appreciate it! :)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

I DON'T love chopping off part of my thumb and getting stitches, which is why I need a nice, sharp knife like this one! My dull knife cut was quite unpleasant. I'd probably chop up fruit for tiny garnishes with this!

What's on your thanksgiving menu?

We're trekking to two different places tomorrow!
Place 1: Boyfriend's parents'
We're bringing:
Maker's Mark Glazed Carrots
A lovely fresh flower centerpiece
And the boyfriend has a crazy idea to bring White Castle stuffing, but I hope he doesn't.
His mom won't let me bring anything else, so the menu is:
Cheese, crackers, pickles
Iceberg lettuce salad with bottled dressing
Traditional herb-crusted turkey
Giblet gravy (I wish it was mushroom!)
Mashed potatoes with several sticks of butter
Corn with butter
Canned green bean casserole
Oyster dressing
Homemade stuffing
Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, whatever crazy dessert she wants to try

Place 2: My best friend's parents'
We're bringing:
My very first pumpkin pie, made with a Skinnytaste recipe because I want to make a smoothie out of the leftovers (basically, pulse a piece of pie with a scoop of frozen Greek yogurt in a blender and voila! smoothie)
Apple Butter from the Apple Butter Festival for everyone
Jamaican Appleton Rum from vacation
Wine or apple cider and Apple Pie Moonshine (bought legally)
A fresh flower centerpiece
And I have no idea what else will be on the menu, but it will be amazing as always. Her mom's pecan pie is legendary. Plus, they're not teetotalers like the boyfriend's parents, so I can have a glass or two of wine!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Served: How to be a Stellar Server

Is there a formatting issue with this article? I can only see a few sentences of the "Do's and Don'ts", and then it ends.

Poll: What's Your Choice of the Chains?

I think that @studyzone was the first to mention Papa Murphy's - I live in central Ohio and we have them around here. I agree that they're good for take-and-bake, but if I have to pick up a hot pizza then Papa John's is my favorite (garlic sauce for the crust, please!). There are many better places, but the PJ's is right by my house and very tempting when I get off of work at 10pm...

What's the Best Picnic You've Ever Had?

My best picnic ever was recent - the boyfriend set up a surprise for our two-year anniversary! Simple veggie wrap for me, sandwich for him, my favorite chips, fruit salad, and Bartenura moscato at a park overlooking Hoover Dam! Plus, he bought a beautiful picnic basket we can use over and over! And then we went to Columbus favorite Graeter's for sorbet afterwards - not the fanciest picnic, but certainly memorable!

What's Your Favorite Hot Weather Wine?

I love a good German Riesling Auslese (I buy one from Trader Joe's that runs about $11). I'll drink Barefoot Riesling or Pacific Rim as well, and I also like a nice bubbly moscato or rosé. Mr. purpleberry got me a lovely wine fridge so I set that a little chillier in the summer.

36 Hours in New York for a Delicious Birthday-Please Help!

I just had a similar thread for my solo trip with some great recommendations here:

I went to Eataly for pizza and gelato and it was wonderful! Hope you enjoy your trip!

In NYC for 36 hours...

Alyse! I just saw your message and I missed you, it would have been great to catch you for lunch! That said, I ended up doing Dean & Deluca for lunch (caprese sandwich wasn't very good) and Marseilles (risotto with salmon) for dinner Thursday, plus breakfast at Metro (delicious bagels), lunch at Eataly (margherita pizza and raspberry gelato, yum!), and dinner unfortunately in the airport Friday. I ended up staying closer to my hotel than I planned because I was so busy!

I also spent some time at Crumbs (brought cupcakes home!) and Grand Central Market, also close to the hotel. Hopefully next time I go I will have time to enjoy the food more!

Next time I will hopefully also have a tour guide/friend with me, as it would have been great to have company! Thanks again everyone for all of your wonderful recommendations - I'm sure I'll use them in the future!

Goodbye, Dumpling

My condolences. Your writing, as always, reflects just how you feel. I share your sorrow and hope that Dumpling has as many dumplings and as much pizza as his little fuzzy belly can hold!

your priciest meal?

Our priciest was a meal at The Ocean Club in Columbus, Ohio. Two entrees, a la carte sides, dessert, and dessert wine. $150. It was tasty but it was Cameron Mitchell - next time I'll try out locally-owned instead. But then again, I'm headed to NYC next week, maybe I'll set a new record!

In NYC for 36 hours...

Thanks! I don't leave until June 9, so I have some time. I wanted to get a jump on my plans so I can have a full schedule when I get there! Thanks soliel & jbrooks for your awesome suggestions! I think so far Eataly is on my list, as is wandering around by my hotel and figuring out the cheapest cab rides to bakeries!

Care to introduce yourself?

I'm a 23-year-old student in Ohio, and I do lots of nonprofit work and public speaking on the side. I also work as a concierge. I spend my off time cooking and journaling and reading memoirs, as well as volunteering for programs that help foster children. I have tons of cookbooks that I am trying to use more often! I've been lurking for a year or two and am trying to comment more! :)

In NYC for 36 hours...

Thanks @korokva for the thorough recommendations! I will definitely check out 230 Fifth. And I promise not to pre-judge anyone for being rude - I try to assume everyone is nice. :) I'll definitely report back on my food experience with your recommendations!

In NYC for 36 hours...

I'm ready for whatever NYC has to offer - whether it's pizza or something else! Can't wait!


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