Cook the Book: 'Ready for Dessert'

Pasteis de natas still warm from the oven--flaky crust on the outside, rich custard on the inside. It's divine!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society

Vilanculos, Mozambique. We just returned from our dhow safari to Bazaruto archipelago, exhausted, and was invited by a local to his home. It was 10pm. Pitch black. Beautiful stars in the sky. We ate outside the thatch home he was building by himself. We ate matapa--a stew made mostly of coconut, cassava leaves and peanuts served over rice and a side of dried salted fish toasted over an open fire. So delicious! We just needed to make sure to keep our feet off the floor because of the scorpions.

Daikon Radish-What to Do with it?

Tired of the chest cold and looking for Souper ideas. Yours?

Ginger and beef rice porridge. It's Vietnamese. The heat will warm and clear you up.

ginger recipes

Cook the Book: 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks'

Viet World Kitchen--it's the gateway to eating exotic Southeast Asian cuisine.

freaking out - worms in cod but I still ate it!

I study fish parasites, and I can guarantee you that you will be fine as long as you've cooked the fish thoroughly. Also, many parasites are species-specific. In other words, they'll infect only a certain type of animal. So most parasites you'll encounter won't be detrimental to you. If you fear worms in your meat, I highly, highly, highly recommend that you never look too closely at your meat, especially if it's wild, in the future. Parasites are EVERYWHERE. People don't realize this because they don't look. Finally, if you're infected, you often will not experience an immediate reaction. You can be parasitized for decades and not present any symptoms.

Cook the Book: 'Tacos'

Late night tacos during sleepovers with my cool aunties. We had real tacos--a taste of Mexico, unlike the greasy "tacos" they had in the public school. It was my first introduction to Mexican food, and had it not been for them, I may never had had real ones. I wish I had several tacos now; I'm studying in South Africa, and authentic Mexican is non-existent. Tacos are always the first food items I miss when outside of California.

Non-alcoholic drinks for cheese party?

I'm throwing a cheese party, but a few of my guests don't drink anything alcoholic. What can I offer that would pair well with cheese? (I haven't decided on which cheese to serve yet. I want to see what's ripe and ready at the cheese shop first.)

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