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Is dating a picky eater a dealbreaker for anyone?!

I canNOT stand a picky eater. His attitude will have a negative effect on your love of food and cooking, and might (ohGod) produce picky offspring as well. Life is to be enjoyed in full - to me, especially if you love cooking and eating and have an adventurous outlook on it. Damn right you need someone to fight with over the last piece of cheesecake. Keep looking - somewhere out there is your soulmate who will give you joy in your life.

What one food mag should I get?

Cook's Illustrated online - ALL the recipes and issues.
I subscribe to Saveur, Bon Appetit, and Cuisine At Home.

Visiting supermarkets when traveling - doesn't everyone?

Absolutely! I thought it was just me, too! Everywhere I've been in the US plus on 5 other continents - always go to the grocery stores.

Can I Make Roux in a Batch and Hold in the Fridge?

I make mine fresh for gumbos and creoles, but one can buy it premade in a jar at most grocery stores. It's not too bad for use in other dishes and keeps really well. We live on the MS Gulf Coast next to New Orleans and everyone I know makes their roux out of equal parts cooking oil or bacon drippings and flour. I've learned to make a stage 4 roux in under 20 minutes!

Olive Garden Salad Dressing Recipe has a good one - worth a try