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Crispy Leftover Lasagna Skewers

I am going to disagree with you on the leftover lasagna. I always love it more the second day, after the flavors blend and get to know each other a little better.

24 Essential Kitchen Tricks and Tips

I demote sponges by cutting off corners.
New Sponge - Dishes
One Corner Cut - Counters
Two Corners Cut - Bathroom

Gadgets: Ball FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker

Not big enough for someone who does a lot of jelly making. And for someone who doesn't do a lot, there is no need for a dedicated machine.

A Storebought Thanksgiving: The Winners of Our Taste Tests

"Nice to see that real butter is the first ingredient listed."

Wouldn't it be slightly better to see Potatoes as the first ingredient in your instant potatoes?

Why British and Irish Crisps Are Brilliant

@nelkins, head north. They are all over Canada.

Video: Pizza Vending Machines Coming to USA

Not touched by human hands? Dammit I was hoping they secreted away child labor in there.

Why Nacho Cheese Doritos Taste Like Heaven

I have trouble with this Umami flavor.

I can show you pure salty is by giving you a teaspoon full of salt.
I can show you pure sweet by giving you a teaspoon of sugar.
I can show you pure bitter by giving a teaspoon of orange pith.
I can show you pure sour by giving a teaspoon of that stuff they put on Sour Patch Kids.
What can I eat to give a pure umami flavor?

Video: Super Squeaky Piglet Coaxed Down Stairs with Oatmeal

You have to really love your pig to want to watch it eat. Yuck.

Salty Drinks Are the New Salty Sweets

A little salt makes almost everything taste better. I put a pinch of salt in with grounds when I make coffee.

Chocoholic: Homemade Mallomar Bars

All Mallowmars are hand packed into the box. I just thought it was fascinating that they are too delicate for mechanical packing.

Staff Picks: How Do You Eat Your Oreos?

I have been waist deep in a pile of Oreos when working on the machine that puts the filling in them. The filling is tricky stuff there is a very narrow band between concrete and liquid.

After having eaten my own body weight in them, I can no longer stand the filling, I only will eat the base cakes.

Baby Oatmeal

ooh that shortbread sounds good.

Why do the raisins in my wife's cornbread sink to the bottom?

I am guessing it is sweet cornbread, not savory. So raisins would be a fine addition.

We Try Pepsi Next, Pepsi's Lower-Calorie Soda

I drink Diet soda, when I drink soda, because full sugar soda makes my teeth ache. I've gotten so used to it that I really don't care for the flavor of sugar soda.

That said, I don't drink much soda because carbonation is weird.

Impressive but easy

What the heck is a pavlova? I thought he was the guy with the dogs.

Back in Black: Why You Should Taste Your Coffee With and Without Milk and Sugar

I will have to give this a shot. I just joined a subscription coffee service, I expect my fresh roasted coffee to arrive shortly.

Because they are cool I am giving a shameless plug for

The Pizza Lab: How to Make Pizza Bianca at Home

What defines 'pizza' then? Can I call anything pizza?

Naan is not pizza, neither is pita bread or a slice of rustic white. Or is the crust optional too? In which case tomato soup would be pizza, or a slice of mozzarella.

The Perfect Coffee

Your headline says perfect coffee. This is a quest for some people and goes way beyond something you buy at the local mega-mart.

How far are you willing to go on your quest for perfect? Are you willing to buy the green beans and learn to roast them yourself? How about measuring everything by weight and using a thermometer to get just the perfect water temp?

I find the best place to start is to look at the water you are using. If you are using tap water you won't drink straight up, change that first. Grinding your own beans also will get you a step closer to the perfect cup.

Food Commercials? Which ones tempt you (or not) the most?

@carmason is that the commercial with the fancy whisk stirring the chocolate? I always want the whisk.

Taste Test: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I worked on the Oreo production line. My claim to fame is that I programmed the machine that inserts the filling between the two base cakes. While Kraft is does sometimes employ co-packers to manufacture their trial products. Their core products are made in house and not sold under generic brands.

Sauced: Duck Sauce

Are there some foods that can't be "improved" without becoming something else entirely? Ketchup is certainly one of those, I think perhaps so is duck sauce. Sure, it's tasty, but is it still duck sauce?