Marcus Henderson

Born and raised in California. Lived and travelled extensively through Mexico and the US. Worked in restaurants as everything from dishwasher to soux chef.

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  • Location: Tehachapi, Ca
  • Favorite foods: Meat, especially beef and bacon. Bacon deserves its own food group. Fresh vegetables and fruit. Pluots in the spring, the most amazingly delicious genetic experiment ever.
  • Last bite on earth: Filet mignon medium rare, garlic mashed potatos, a crisp wedge salad, and a blue moon.

Coffee in the fridge?

I worked as a barista for 4 years and in my experience and what I've read the cold draws out the oils of the roasted bean and affects the flavor in a negative way. Store them in a cool dry place and don't store more than you plan to use for a few days at a time.

is bacon cheating?

@twistie- well said.

Bacon is good period, always has been, always will be. Yes it makes certain foods taste better. So do lots of other things. And in 10 years it will still taste good. It may take a little less imagination to make something delicious when there's bacon involved, so innovate a little more.

Foodie Comedy...

beige dust ramen sounds awesome, they should try it.

VOTE: Chicken or Beef?

Wow this is a hardcore food spot. I like it.

Beef all the way and if you can wrap it in bacon all the better. Of course if you can wrap anything in bacon all the better.

What's your favorite sandwich?

For most people it seems the sandwich is a staple of lunch. We graduate from filling a lunch box with PB 'n J with the crust cut off to whatever our adult choices are. And for many it becomes, like coffee, a deeply personal thing what they choose to include. So what's your favorite and why? Is it just the taste or does it mean something to you?

What does California Cuisine mean to you?

I am born and bred in the central valley of California, which involves a Central California view of wine and a sort of non traditional take on classics, as well as a lot of fusion, involving the freshest ingredients possible. However, this is just my take. For those of you who live here, have visited, or just have something to say. What does the idea of Our west coast style mean to you?

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