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Twin Cities Food Suggestions?

I would recommend Matt's for the juicy lucy (5-8 Club sucks...(it's a rivalry)), and hit up Mayslack's in NE Minneapolis for the most amazing roast beef sandwiches and bloody mary's ever.

Cook the Book: 'Masala Farm'

In Stillwater, Mn, there's a fantastic German Restaurant in the middle of the woods called, "Gasthaus".

Cook the Book: 'Rustic Italian Food'

It was a restaurant in the basement in Rome. I don't remember anything about it but the food was amazing and it was (temperature) cool in there.

Knead the Book: 'The Italian Baker'

Made a stew with tomatoes, peppers and a whole chicken. Yum!

Win Pop Chart Lab's "Constitutions of Classic Cocktails" Poster

Getting into rum. I've always hated it, but easing into it with well-made cocktails.

Children's Book Giveaway: 'Chopsticks'

I love my Asian soup spoons. Seems to make all my Asian liquids taste better.

Cook the Book: 'Poulet'

Coconut Curry Chicken. Just simmer some chicken in coconut milk, broth, some diced veggies, curry powder and a little soy sauce and sugar.

Wings in Chicago

I second Bird's Nest. They're consistently excellent.

Nordstrom's Tomato Basil Soup

I made the best tomato soup, even sans cream, starting with this recipe. I followed it with these changes:

1. Replaced olive oil with butter
2. Added 3 cloves of minced garlic and a bay leaf for last 5 minutes of onion/carrot sautee
3. Added 3/4 cup white wine (chardonnay) after onions/carrot were done simmering
4. Since I added the wine (and left in tomato juice from cans) I cut the broth to 2 cups, but added some Chicken 'Better Than Bullion' for additional flavor.

Cook the Book: 'The Occasional Vegetarian'

My new discovery is Trader Joe's precooked lentils. It makes it easy to make lentil salads: lentils, cucumber, red onion, parsley, tomato, diced olives, and cubed feta or crumbled goat cheese, dressed with salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil. Yummy!

Last meal of 2011?

Pizza Rolls with Sriracha. Couldn't ask for more.

Chipotle Bean Soup with Bacon

Making this tonight for dinner- I have a bunch of leftover chipotles in adobo and cooked bacon in the freezer. Perfect timing.

Cook the Book: 'Kosher Revolution'

Matzo ball soup. With cabbage and carrots. No noodles.

Cook the Book: 'Good Food to Share'

I'll be making bacon-fat ginger snaps for a cookie exchange.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

I don't know what it's called but it came in my knife set. It's like a mini chef's knife, and it is perfect for chopping herbs and smaller veggies.

Gimme some gooey mac n cheese recipes please!

Don't use the nacho sauce recipe...the roux is key. I mean you could, but it might turn out a little...shells n' cheese.

Gimme some gooey mac n cheese recipes please!

My trick is to make the sauce thinner than you think you'd need, and then only broil the top until done.

I don't use measurements but I make a roux with 1 stick butter and 1/2 cup flour. Add milk (maybe 4-6 cups?), mustard, hot sauce, and pepper, then add 2 bags (yeah, I know) shredded cheddar cheese. Then add more milk, if needed. Think nacho cheese sauce consistency. Season with salt. Mix it up with about a pound of pasta and top with panko or breadcrumbs and a few pats of butter. It will thicken the more you bake it. I aim for minimal baking for this reason.

Good luck!

Cook the Book: 'Serious Eats'

I love the dan-dan noodles. Bookmarked 4 lyfe.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Cured Meat Experience

I like mine on pizza. I kinda get the heebie jeebies with raw, even though I will eat it if offered.


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