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12 Beer Cocktails for Easy Warm-Weather Drinking

@OutdoorsDan - that sounds fantastic! Campari improves soooo many things, at least to my bitter-inclined palate.

12 Beer Cocktails for Easy Warm-Weather Drinking

No snakebite? For shame.
Equal parts hard cider & your favorite lager. I'm partial to Etienne Dupont Brut (probably the easiest-to-find French farmhouse cider in North America) & Kronenbourg or Dab.

The Food Lab: The Best Goulash (Hungarian Beef and Paprika Stew)

@CTMike - I'm looking forward to the sure-to-be-blockbuster "JKLA vs The Goulash Guardians of the Galaxy: Behind the Paprika Curtain"

The Ultimate Beef Wellington

@Calisgone - you're not only semi-literate, unfunny, and kinda racist, but also wildly and impressively incompetent. That's quite a feat to both burn AND undercook your Beef Wellington. I'm surprised that you're able to use the internet.

I've made this recipe 4 times now, and it came out damn near perfect each time. You definitely suck at life.

Microwave Cooking for One and All: 8 Great Tips Every Home Cook Should Know

@ An Angry Dog - the author made no such claim, just helped establish a depressing ambiance.

"His room overlooked a vacant parking lot on one side and the interstate on the other; the boxy expanse of a mobile home park unfolded in the distance."

Zucchini Is a Terrible Pizza Topping! (Unless You Treat It Right)

Luosha - I like the way you think! I wonder how that approach works for celery, which often wildly overstays its peak in my crisper.

The Best Gas Grills Under $500, 2015 Edition

I'd stay far, far away from the Brinkmann. 6 years ago, my parents bought a 5-burner one that appears to be the same model featured above, and it was apparent from Day 1 that the build quality was very, very low - considerably less than Charbroil's $99 basic models. During the second summer of grilling, there were numerous material & control failures. This wasn't due to neglect or misuse - it never stays out in the rain, gets cleaned properly, etc; my folks take their outdoor cooking very seriously & are rather frugal - their first 22" Weber charcoal kettle lasted 36 years before finally succumbing to rust.

Asparagus Ain't Sichuan, but Boy Does it Work in This Fiery Salad

Too bad this doesn't call for another type of cooking vessel - "Boy Does it Wok in This Fiery Salad" would have been a much better title!

(I'll show myself out now)

The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

To the complainers - constructive criticism is great; most of you offer nothing remotely useful. "X used to be so much better" complaints are entirely useless. Perhaps you'd prefer a paid subscription model? Put your money where your whiny piehole is, and start making donations. In lieu of that, you cheap MF-ers, go buy stuff from the advertisers & make damn sure you note that you're doing so because it's due to seeing ads on SE, or because you read a killer review of (insert product here) here. Can't stomach that? Step up your comment game, become a contributor, or zip it.

Disclaimer for the disgruntled commentariat - I'm a SE enthusiast, not an affiliate of any sort who benefits financially; my friends & family are the lucky recipients of what I've taken/shared/learned from Serious Eats.

Our Best Bites of 2014

@karrock & gibizugbe - fried, spiced Xi'anese potatoes! Slightly more than halfway down the page:

Smoky Jalapeño and Lime Cranberry Sauce

Good stuff! I'm not a huge fan of more traditional cranberry sauce, and this was an excellent twist on the classic version.

Manner Matters: In Praise of Place Cards

@badseed1980 - "Gaze or grope?" Love that!

I am amused that this manners column tends to elicit the rudest, most strident comments of any on Serious Eats. But I guess the federally-mandated requirement of reading Manners Matter in order to enjoy the rest of SE is an onerous one, thus deserving of such vigorous protestation.

American Chop Suey: The Cheesy, Beefy, Misnamed Stovetop Casserole That Deserves a Comeback

Barf. Too many bad memories of both mom's made-from-scratch version & truly hideous variants from the school cafeteria (Vermont in the 70s/80s, knew it as both goulash & Amer. Chop Suey). It's one of those rare dishes where the total is far less than the sum of its parts, despite the fact that I'm generally a fan of everything involved.

Going to Seattle? Don't Miss the Vietnamese Food

Oh good, the pho snobs have made an appearance! And bonus points for trotting out the "(insert race/cultural group) rarely eat there, so it must be bad" argument. That's always accurate.

Going to Seattle? Don't Miss the Vietnamese Food

No mention of Than Brothers? Even if their pho isn't the best, the fact that you get dessert first makes up for it. They're a freakin' pho institution in Seattle, fer crying out loud!

9 Lesser-Known IPAs You Should Be Drinking

Just jumping on the bandwagon regarding Long Trail's actual home - Vermont, not Connecticut (I know the New England states are small, but I've never heard anyone confuse those two before). Also, Maine is east of Vermont, not north (yes, it reaches farther north, but Freeport, ME is at least as far east of Waterbury & Greensboro, VT as it is south).

The Ultimate Fully-Loaded Bloody Mary

JLDalseg, what are the two places? The pepperoni/cheese/onion/pepper combo sounds familiar. (Too much garnish, IMO - if I want a chef's salad, I'll order one.)

Greek-American Lamb Gyros

Time to start shaming @browneyedbaker for copying this recipe exactly & going so far as to remove Kenji's comment on her recipe post:

Internet, attack!

Buffalo Chicken Puff Pastry Waffles

@redrabbit - not a slide show, but the pix linked in the 3rd sentence of the post make it pretty clear how this goes.