London: For a Limited Time, Head to Byron for the Big D, One of the Best Burgers in London

Big D is a great burger...well done Byron for making it available to a wider audience.

Find all this talk about "this burger is better than that burger" pretty pointless. Completely subjective, the overall burger experience has to be influenced by the company, the setting, the price etc

So Bar Boulud does a great tasting burger but sitting eating it with a bunch of executives in a hotel restaurant affect the the experience (for me).

Like #meateasy but it's a pop-up (yawn) and it will be gone in a month and If you put that burger on a plate in Bar Boulud people would I suspect react completely differently.

The one thing we can all say is that London is now an infinitely better place to enjoy a burger than a few years ago.

Can anyone recommend a good burger joint in London, UK?

Byron every time as a mid range burger joint option. I also like Lucky Seven in Notting Hill. Joe Allen also good. Don't even think about GBK. 100% disgusting.

Dear AHT: Good Burgers in London

Byron every time. New one in Soho my fave but 6 or 7 others. About £10-15 all in for burger drinks fries etc. A few good other places. Hawksmoor, Goodman, Joe Allen but plenty more £££. Avoid all conventional chains like GBK. Don't even consider Fine Burger.

Pickle Spear

Can someone help me explain the rationale of the pickle spear as a traditional condiment with a burger as opposed to sliced pickles. The spear of course is intended to be munched at leisure and is not necessarily part of the burger. The sliced pickled invariably is placed in the burger and therefore becomes an intrinsic part. What is the thinking behind each style. I for one like my pickle spear on the side, I don't want it to dominate my burger. What is the thinking behind each approach?

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