Chocolate Chocolate Teacake From 'Huckleberry'

Wow, I had to make this IMMEDIATELY. It's now cooling on the counter, and my only observation is that maybe grease and flour/cocoa powder the pan. The cake stuck a bit to my old (non-non-stick) loaf pan simply greased. But that gave me a layer of crumbs to scrape off, and the flavor is fantastic. Looking forward to dessert!

Win a Copy of 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

It would have to be mac and cheese

Win a Copy of 'A Change of Appetite'

Cellophane noodles in an Asian-ish salad

Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Bake the Book: The Model Bakery Cookbook

Classic English baked goods - crumpets, scones, tea cakes...

Alinea and 'Babygate:' Should Babies Be Allowed in Fine Dining?

I agree with @dashofginger. Why didn't the restaurant manager/chef/somebody step up and deal with the problem?

People who've paid dearly for a dinner out shouldn't be expected to also police the dining room and enforce normal standards of behavior for other diners. That's part of what you're paying the restaurant for - the atmosphere.

Is there some fear on the part of restaurateurs that they'll face legal sanctions if they have to ask someone to leave?

Staff Picks: What's Your Recipe Deal-Breaker?

Anything with a weird yield - 14 muffins, 12 cookies (after I eat some dough, it's only going to be 9 or so, and who wants to waste time with that?)
Anything that involves baking at 475F or higher. It always burns, no matter how short the time.
And ditto on the snippets of herbs. If I had a garden in Provence I'd love to go out and clip a sprig of thyme and some marjoram. But buying those little supermarket packets just means I end up with forgetting them until they're little blackened blobs in the back of the fridge.

Ed Levine on Roy Choi's 'L.A. Son:' The Best Contemporary Food Memoir of 2013

One of the best books of the year. I've never liked LA but Choi writes about it such an affectionate, intelligent way that I want to go back. And of course try his food.

Classic Chicken and Wild Rice Hotdish From 'The New Midwestern Table'

Just put this in the oven and it smells GREAT! Took me more like 40 minutes of prep what with cleaning and chopping leeks etc, but I did add some mushrooms too. Peas would be good too. Also I added a little Worcestershire sauce cause I like that little zip. So just waiting now....

Gift Guide: Our Favorite Food-Centric Books of the Year

My favorite from this year was "LA Son: Roy Choi." Great recipes, great stories stylishly told.

Bake the Book: Seriously Bitter Sweet

Flourless chocolate cake with a ganache glaze

Cook the Book: 'The New Midwestern Table'

Pies of all kinds

Bake the Book: The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook

Snapshots From Harvest in the Finger Lakes, NY

Thank you, what a great look at the Finger Lakes and their wines. Made me homesick.

Kirkland Scotch

Thanks @Cybele, a useful discussion. I think I'm gonna go for it, definitely pricey but an early Christmas present for me.

Tips and Tricks for Making Smoothies, No Recipes Required

What a great guide. I love the cooked oatmeal trick, will try it tomorrow.
On blenders - how about stick blenders? Powerful enough?

The Food Lab: How To Make The Best Fajitas

This sounds great, but can it be done without a grill? Broiling maybe? Or searing in a hot cast iron pan on the stovetop?

Cook the Book: 'Flour, Too'

a buttery croissant

Bake the Book: Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook

wine with dinner

Bake the Book: La Boulange Bakery: Cafe Cooking At Home

pain au chocolat

Halloween Costume Crafts for Kids

Kale and Cabbage Gratin

I appreciate that you're trying, but kale and cabbage? Baked? Together? Blech.

A Short Introduction to Afternoon Tea in London

Seconding the Huntington Garden tea - and it's all you can eat!!!
Re London, does Fortnum and Mason still do tea? I have happy memories of that one.

Why do grocery store cashiers 'throw' my food?

I know what you mean, and I used to read that careless toss as contempt for me and what I was buying. Now I don't take it personally, just see underpaid people in a rush. But I do look for cashiers who are reliably pleasant and professional, and try to avoid the sullen ones who could care less.

Bake the Book: Bouchon Bakery

Kirkland Scotch

My local Costco has just put out some Kirkland label single malt whiskey, 20 years old, for about $45. Has anyone tried it? I like Macallan myself and apparently Kirkland has worked with them before. But there's no indication that this is Macallan, and then there's that darn Kirkland label to spoil my snobbery.... Buy or don't buy?

that old chestnut

One of my Thanksgiving classics is chestnut stuffing, the way my mother made it. But the fact is that nobody really likes the chestnuts in the chestnut stuffing. I've already bought my duty packet of vacuum-sealed chestnuts from Trader Joe's. Is there anything I can do to make them tastier in stuffing?

searching for college tours

I'm trying to search for all of the college tours stories you've run, but the search result comes up blank for "Entries tagged with 'college%20tours/'"

Since I still can't read anything beyond the first page of posts (the "more posts" button hasn't worked for months) I'd like to see what college tours I've missed. Tech help please.

some spicy meatballs

I have a good recipe for meatballs, originally Cooks Illustrated I think, and they're cooked in oil in a frying pan. I like the crusty surfaces, but it's a bit messy especially if other things are going on the stovetop.
So last week I tried roasting the balls at 410F, and they were nasty - icky liquid dripped out, and the balls were rubbery, with a mushy surface.
Is it possible to roast/broil meatballs so that they're crusty outside and still tender within?Thanks for any tips, I'm in the mood for a meatball sandwich!.

quinoa prep?

I'm finally ready to try quinoa in a summer salad, but I've read that it can be "soapy-tasting." Should I rinse it first? Toast it? Any tips welcome.

pea shoots - what to do with them?

Bought a beautiful bag of bright green pea shots at the farmers market today, but I'm not sure what to do with them. The vendor said they were good in salads, but do I use the whole stalk or just the smaller leaves and wavy bits at the end? I've read of saute-ing them - again, do I just chuck the whole thing in the pan, or trim them down? I suppose they'd cook in a flash. Would you eat them on their own, or with pasta?
Many thanks, all ideas welcome

good ground beef

I bought a one-pound packet of ground beef the other day, and took a closer look at the fine print while I was browning the beef for spaghettti sauce. It claimed that the beef was from "Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA." Huh?
Not to go all Michael Pollan, but I don't like the idea of vague meat from everywhere and nowhere. Once I knew that about my beef I thought that dinner tasted a little funky.
Is it normal for ground beef to be such a mishmash, or did I buy the cheap stuff by mistake? What would be a good kind of ground beef for tacos, meatloaf, etc? (not burgers.) Yes, local's best but in a supermarket how to you find that? At least now I know not to pick the globe-trotting cow, but what's better?

Pasta machine?

I think I finally need a pasta machine. The ravioli recipes in the latest "Food and Wine" are just too good, and the process doesn't sound (that) hard with the right equipment.

Does anyone have a pasta machine brand to recommend? I'm looking for a basic beginner-friendly hand-cranked model to make those ravioli, and maybe some fettucini or other simple forms. Oh, and no quirky counter clamps. My counters are mangled enough already.

Any ideas?

Pricey cloves

I loved the pumpkin cupcake recipe mentioned earlier this week on SE, but wanted to freshen up my ancient jar of cloves. So today in CA I found a mini spice container (half the normal spice jar) of ground cloves for $9+.
Yow! Are cloves this crazy-expensive everywhere else? Can I skip them, or just use "pumpkin pie spice" and call it a day?

Homemade Kahlua

The recent post about limoncello got me thinking about trying homemade Kahlua too. It seems to me that brown sugar rather than white would work with the coffee, and I'd like to use real coffee beans or ground coffee rather than instant. What do you think? There are a zillion recipes out there, but some sound crazy-sweet, or just crazy. I'd prefer a "serious eats" screened version. Thanks for any ideas.

$29.95 for America's Test Kitchen website?

Has anyone else been subscribing to the America's Test Kitchen website? I enjoyed being able to search for recipes that I vaguely remembered, and at $19.95 the site seemed pricey but good. But my latest subscription notice showed an annual price of $29.95!! No break for Cook's Illustrated subscribers, of course, so $29.95 on top of the magazine subscription ($49.95 for two years) seems nuts to me. What do you think?

Cafe Tacuba chicken enchiladas?

I just saw a DVR'd version of "Moveable Feast" from our PBS station's fund-raising cache, and Rick Bayless prepared the most beautifully green chicken enchiladas from a recipe he said originated with Cafe Tacuba in Mexico City. Does anyone have that recipe, or know a cookbook where I could find it? It included chiles and spinach (!) in the sauce, and looked easy and wonderful.

Good eats from Costco?

So I just joined Costco. The greeter asked if I'd just moved to the area, then acted as though I was some mad eccentric who'd finally decided to have the electricity connected after 8 years. OK, I've finally joined Costco. What's yummy there?

Couscous Salad

It's hot, and I need some ideas for couscous salad. Do you make a savory one, with cucs etc? Or sweeter, with dried fruit? What's your take on couscous salad?

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