grew up during the best era of food in brooklyn, ny. former restaurant(s) owner, specialty food shop owner, now i do some cooking here and there. living a nice clean life in the country. love my chickens.

  • Location: clermont ny
  • Favorite foods: salads with olive oil, lemon & salt - roasted chicken - really good cheeses,
    pears. just to name a few.
  • Last bite on earth: the crystal in a piece of aged parmigianno or gruyere.

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Where can I buy Carl Rossi Wine Burgandy Online

used to buy their chianti in a jug years ago, back in the 80's when i was broke and entertaining friends, making spaghetti dinners for us poor starving artist types. it wasn't bad, really.

How do I cook good food for a VERY large crowd?

polenta lasagna - with meat & cheese or with veggies - vegan - gluten free also
taco party - corn & flour tortillas, various fillings to suit everyone's needs
bean salads - served room temp. - different beans & veggie combo's
just a few ideas.

restaurant for birthday lunch off the Taconic Parkway?

thank you... trying to stay around carmel area...

summer rolls - how much ahead of time can they be made?

thanks and i think if i make them on friday, i could be calling them 'spring' rolls.

Secret Ingredient

it's been so long since i've had something that someone else makes that is so comforting, i'm usually the one doing the comforting....i guess, that's comforting enough.

Your Dining Companions Faux Pas at the Table

@jlewfoodie: that is an awful story.... sounds like a career move on her part..... i am always embarrassed by people who take up SO much of the servers time .... usually they need a shrink and not a meal.

A baked pasta dish to complete my dinner party?

a white baked ziti: substitute a light bechamel for tomato and add some sauteed spinach or swiss chard with garlic in with the ricotta..... mozz and parmigiano or romano....

From Behind the Bar: On Drinking for Free

a few years back we owned a friendly neighborhood place which saw good times and bad times.... it was great treating regulars to a free round or a free dessert. these regulars kept us going throughout all of it and boy was it ever good to see them coming in on a slow night.... seeing their familiar faces was just as comforting to us as a warm welcome from us was to them.

"Big" salad ideas, please!

salad is my favorite meal.... lots of greens, escarole, watercress, spinach, or regular romaine or leaf lettuce. bibb is good when i can get it..... sliced red onion, avocado, grapefruit/oranges/apples/pears (whatever i have in the house), shavings of cheese (cheddar, reggianno) or soft goat, mozzarella - pistachios or sunflower seeds, cucumbers, tomatoes, whatever you have in the house..... pressed fresh garlic (if i'm feeling like i need a zing of flavor), fresh herbs, basil or cilantro..... tossed with extra v. olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime - a sprinkling of sea or coarse salt. and if i want a little something extra - grilled chicken, a leftover piece of steak - if i'm feeling flush shrimp or salmon - parma proscuitto or smoked salmon.... very, very satisfying. a nice piece of toasted peasant bread to dip into the leftover dressing.... oh yeah.

What food makes you happy?

popcorn - whenever i make a big batch of popcorn i can't wait to dig in.... it makes me happy! i love, love, love popcorn. freshly popped!

Has anyone tried making corn crepes?

have you tried heating the tortilla before you try to roll or fold it? heating makes it much more pliable. you'd be surprised. you can put it into a hot, dry frying pan (turn once) or stick in in the oven wrapped in foil, or popped into the microwave.

Ways to use Prosciuitto?

lay your proscuitto slice down and put a pinch of fresh arugula salad and wrap it up.... drizzle with ev olive oil and bp. makes a nice first course.

I'm thinking about going to the CIA...

that's true! if you're normal don't try it -- but you'll laugh all of your laughs and cry all of your tears..... being in the food business is like being in a love-hate relationship.

Have you ever tasted your breadcrumbs?

i love to do my own breadcrumbs when i have leftover bread .... let it get hard or toast it.... then add garlic, romano cheese, fresh parsley and S&P to taste..... great for making chicken or pork cutlets. or stuffing stuff ....

I'm thinking about going to the CIA...

the cia has some continuing ed classes that might interest you. this way you can get a feel for the pace and drama of it all. it's never too late to do what you like to do, i think.

Freezing Mozarella

if i have extra fresh mozzarella - i'll pop it into the freezer really well wrapped or in a plastic container.... i won't eat it as fresh cheese anymore but will use it in cooking. like making lasagna or something like that.

What do you CLEAN with??

@somechick - for really baked on stuff - this is a trick that works for me... take a plastic garbage bag and put your pot in it and dump a bottle of household ammonia into it. make sure the part you really want clean is immersed in the ammonia. tie it up and let it sit overnight. don't breathe the fumes.

i'm not really into chemicals but this really does clean well. plus - there's no scrubbing involved.

Leisurely Eating, with Conversation

there is nothing like a good meal shared with good people and good conversation..... maybe you need to seek out those who share the need... i've spent my whole life eating and drinking with friends and family.... always a nice feeling.

When life gives you lemon juice, what do you make?

i always keep that much lemon juice on hand because i like it on my salads, in my drinks -- then i don't have to stop and squeeze.... it keeps in the fridge for a while..... love organic lemons, i never use anything but.

Anyone ever try to make homemade salumi?

years ago i made dried sausage with an old italian lady in newark, nj, we chopped the meat by hand, seasoned it - stuffed it into casings through a funnel and then she hung it in her garage..... it was during the winter months.... i'll never forget the experience.....

Inexperienced in the kitchen- what to cook for "thank you" meal?

a big tray of homemade shrimp cocktail (using nice big shrimp) some nice dipping sauces, some icy martini's and a luscious chocolate & fresh raspberry something for dessert. sometimes less is more.

I get totally psyched on cooking - and then lose motivation!!

happens to me when i'm in "menu overload" .... i.e. having people over and planning on many different things .... one or two which never get made....

as long as this doesn't translate into other areas of your life.... and if it does .... well there's always the line, "it's my life!"

Simple Ways to Liven Up Food on the Grill

throw some sprigs of rosemary on the coals.... or some wild garlic chives....

Anyone have a Vitamix blender?

you can add whole eggs into a vitamix drink and never taste a piece of shell. do you know how hard an eggshell is?