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Classic Cold Soba

Do you have a brand of soba you like?

Essential Shanghai Street Food: 14 Must-Eat Dishes

Soooooo... best cong you ban mian, da bing, and/or jidan bing in NYC?

The Best Chocolate Babka in NYC, 2015 Edition

@BostonAdam - ha! No argument here. My father likes to mix it up sometimes though.

Pump up the Party With Cheesy Poutine Poppers

@anaya - if you're in NYC, I know Murray's carries them.

Win a Copy of 'Baked Occasions'

Something new! I get the task of my mom's birthday cake each year, and keep trying to do something different. This year's was banana pudding cake.

Win a Copy of 'Ovenly'

I'm a sucker for a chocolate covered pretzel. Preferably dark chocolate. With sprinkles.

Set Course for Dumpling Galaxy: The Makings of My Favorite Dumplings in NYC

Went today... had the pork/cilantro and the pan-friend lamb/green squash. Both memorably excellent. Then headed to original location, where they're now offering a "make your own" dumpling, which involves selecting 3-4 ingredients from a list of about 18. So fun, so good.

The Best Ice Cream, Gelato, and Soft Serve in NYC

Surprised at the lack of love for Van Leeuwen. Blue Marble, too.

The Best Food to Order at Panda Express

...really Serious Eats? REALLY? I'm embarrassed FOR you.

What's the Difference Between Light and Dark Brown Sugar?

Have noticed Domino's both seem to be a lot lighter than they used to be... the dark looks like the light used to. Anyone else see that?

What are NYC's Most Overrated Restaurants?

Meatball Shop. Couldn't possibly have been more underwhelmed.

An 11-Stop Tour of Chinatown and Little Italy for Under $15 a Head

With that budget wiggle room, toss in $1 for the hot mini cakes on Grand if the cart's out!

Is City Bakery's 'Baker's Muffin' Bread Pudding, Monkey Bread, or Both?

Can you add this to the City Bakery tag? I was trying to remember it and it took some hunting. That would help in case I forget again!

Are Cronut Lines Still Long?

I went for my first Cronut on Wednesday... got there around 7:20. There were about 12 people ahead of me in line. Still plenty of cronuts left after everyone who had been waiting when the door open was served.

What Was Your Best Bite of New York in 2013?

Bacon and Egg Mazemen from Yuji Ramen at Smorgasburg.

Ask the Critic: 'A 10-Year-Old Foodie's Quest of NYC'

If you're at Katz's, head across the street for some gelato as well!

Enter Our NYC Ramen Map Giveaway and Never Go Without Noodles Again

Ippudo! Though the bacon & egg from Yuji is one of the world's greatest things.

Win Two VIP Tickets to the Vendy Awards, September 7th

The Arepa Lady. As much as I love things like Wafels and Dinges, Big Gay Ice Cream, Van Leeuwen, etc... the Arepa Lady is simply a cut above. There is no one else who offers an arepa like she does, and that first bite is transcendental.

Quality Jerky in Manhattan - where to buy?

I'm a big fan of VT-based SlantShack ( lots of locations:

King County's great, but harder to find...


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