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Ed Levine's 13 Favorite Frozen Desserts in America

Del's Frozen Lemonade in RI beats anything else cold in the state - or most other places. Strictly seasonal, though.

Entertaining Without a Stove

So, long time no see, but here's a progress update:

Last week I cooked something I have a lot of experience with: Japanese Curry. I prepared over a gallon in one pot, which was a mistake, as I had to cook it too long and the vegetables got too soft, but it was still a general success, and warmed very nicely in a crockpot. One thing I found for snacks was small-size individually wrapped ice cream cones - I don't remember exactly who makes them, but they were much more convenient than quarts of ice cream and I'll be using them regularly.

For tomorrow I've got a lot of ground beef and some fake ground meat I'll be browning and refrigerating over night; tomorrow I'll throw it in a crock pot with the vegetables to make a taco bar.

Again, thanks for all your suggestions - even without actually cooking in it the crock pot has been of tremendous use.

One thing I would like for when I need to take a week off later is what other things I can serve without really cooking. I like the idea of a nice selection of meats and cheeses with some good bread - anything else come to mind?

Entertaining Without a Stove

Thanks for all the great suggestions, folks! I think I'm going to order in fried chicken this week and supplement with chips and ice cream, but I did find someone in the department with a 6qt crock pot I can use.

I don't know how partial the department is to buying equipment, especially since that implies future people have to cook, but I'll look into options. It may also be related to fire codes or something, as the building has three kitchens and showers but no stoves...

I'll check back in after I've cooked something for this.

The Search For America's Best Hot Dog: Down South

No mention of Jack's Cosmic Dog? The meat may not be anything special and I never order a hotdog with more than ketchup on it, but you'd be a fool to miss it even though it's way out of Charleston proper.

Doughnut Chains in Rhode Island: What's Your Favorite?

I've never had better donuts than Krispy Kreme. We thankfully had never heard of Dunkin back home until very recently, and I can't imagine they're doing well - to find worse donuts I had to go to Mr. Donut in Japan.

Which of these places (the good ones, anyway) are reachable on foot from Brown's campus? I've actually never been to any of them, though I've seen HoneyDew at least going way up Main Street.

What Foods Do You Miss Most as an Expat?

Living outside the South it very quickly ceases to be funny when you need to explain what sweet tea is and how it differs from iced tea you put sugar in.

Taste Test: Japanese Curry Roux Mixes

I'm surprised you used the medium hot - I can't eat actually spicy food because I can't taste anything over the spices, can't taste anything else if I notice cumin's in something, and even when I find an Indian curry mild enough I can enjoy it has an effect on my digestion that can only be described as unfortunate, but I've never found the "hot" Japanese curries to be at all spicy, while the milder flavors are pretty bland.

Around here, though, I've only ever found Golden and Vermont curries, so maybe Java really is a different story. Have to say I felt the same way about the powdered Korean curry mentioned above, though.

Providence, Rhode Island: Where to Eat on College Hill

@simon Geoff's shuttered their Thayer St. location - nobody ever went except on Two for Tuesdays.

@salthands The area you're referring to is what I call "way the hell up Hope St.", which is not really in a comfortable walking distance. It's a great neighborhood, but it's a trolley ride rather than a stroll from campus.

Providence, Rhode Island: Where to Eat on College Hill

Red Stripe? Really? It's too popular - I've never once been there when it wasn't packed and *loud*. For a date, go to DownCity or Red Fez - yes, the first one's a gay bar, but I'm straight and I take my parents there when they visit; the Red Fez is a little dark and funky, but as long as you don't go on the weekend it's pretty quiet. Also excellent food that costs very little; only downside is its location in "the historic parking lot district".

Nice Slice is the best pizza on the hill.

Sawaddee has my favorite meal anywhere - their Gang-ga-ree (yellow curry) with chicken is amazing. Likewise, Angkor is the only restaurant anywhere with recipes from Cambodian royalty, since the family that runs it has an aunt who worked in the palace kitchens before the revolution.

If you're willing to spend money, Al Forno or Mill's Tavern are both great.

And all this doesn't include a single place on Federal Hill - it's a myopia every Brown student has, but then again it's hard to go wrong anywhere on the rare occasion you pass those pineapples.

Video: Japanese Banana Commercials

Most of the commercials aren't saying anything you can't guess...

The one with the girlfriend is funny because she starts out with "You know, we've been going out for three years..." and he just keeps saying "Delicious!" and apologizing when she asks why he's eating a banana.

Cook the Book: 'Italian Easy'

Pasta Carbonara or Bacon Pasta - Half to full pound of bacon, pound of linguine, two eggs, plenty of romano, garlic, and pepper. Wonderful, quick, and as healthy as a pound of bricks.


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