Aaron Arizpe

Serious Eats intern, server captain in a New York restaurant, obsessive coffee drinker, and a rather convincing faux-Italian. Read my restaurant ramblings on, and follow my crumb trail of tweets @pocketfork.

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  • Location: NYC
  • Favorite foods: My greatest love will always be pizza margherita. But I also quite like: coffee (for me, it's a food), raw meat, Bordier butter, my mom's tomatoes, Calimyrna figs, Santa Barbara sea urchin, Potimarron squash, Barhi dates, and Sour Patch Kids.
  • Last bite on earth: Hopefully not the one that kills me :)

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Meet and Eat: Aaron Arizpe, Serious Eats Intern

@Rodzilla: Nah, no friends actually lost to my madness. ;)

@jecla0: If you want other good ones to read, let me know. I've got plenty.

@unpocojmoney: Sorry to have brought that to your attention! :)

Daily Slice: Focaccia at Eataly, NYC

@Gianluca: Thanks man! It's been way too long since I've seen you. Also been way too long since I've been to Kesté, which probably explains why!

@Kenji: I agree, I've also had much better there in the past. I think they changed their dough recipe pretty dramatically at some point last year, too. In the past I've just preferred it when the crunch came from the dough and some coarse salt on top, rather than the onions themselves.

@LF: I've had Rossopomodoro a handful of times, and find it to be okay in a pinch, but there's too much great pizza in this town and I'm very willing to travel for it. ;)


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