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Your Kitchen Needs to Lose Weight

I have been doing this, getting rid of tired old bowls, mismatched pieces, and replacing bit by bit with new bright things. My daughter is getting ready to move so my old stuff that is still usable, I can pack up for her until she can get stuff of her own!

Dinner Tonight: Healthy and Delicious Green Bean and Radish Salad

This sounds like a unique way to make green beans, something different to break the winter veggie doldrums!

Fresh Food on TV: Weekend Edition

Seriously, I am putting my chicken-fried steak money on southern gal Paula! I love Paula Deen- she seems like the aunt or grandma you'd love to have, and she is the definition of Southern comfort food. Don't you have to love a cook who starts every recipe, "Now take a stick of butter..."

Carmelizing onions! What to eat them with?

One of my family's favorite recipes involves caramelized onions (with a tad of brown sugar added) served on top of broiled salmon, basted with your favorite barbecue sauce- a simple and delicious dish!

Nacho Cheese Fountain

Damn! This would've been great for the Super Bowl... or for any time you want to distract large groups of men!

Super Bowl: Food Commercials Wrapup

I could't help being amused by the cashew commercial since I actually think that would work on my husband- he has a serious cashew addiction! I also liked the dancing lizards.

Sunday Brunch: Bacon and Egg Pie

#1- There is no such thing as too much bacon! This sounds really spectacular and totally delectable. Can't wait to give this a try.

How To Make Pig Candy

This sounds incredible- both appealing and revolting all at the same time!

Sunday Night Soups: Roasted Cantaloupe Soup

Any food suggestions for us ailing Redskins fans?! Aw... forget it, I've lost my appetite...

Morning-After Cranberry Sauce Muffins

What an inspiration! I will be making these ... but not with the cylindrical log of sauce that my husband prefers!

Top Chef: A Kick in the Aspen Wilderness

Thanks for bringing me up to date! You are better than DVR (and faster too)

Food Bloggers: Going Legit(?) and Entering the Mainstream

I saw the Top Chef episode, and as soon as I heard a food blogger was in the clientele, I was waiting to see who it was.. It was very exciting, and she certainly said in plain English what needed to be said!

What to do when faced with fairly inedible party food?

Nurse a drink, eat the crackers or bread, talk and mingle a lot and then go home and whip up an omelet!

Question of the Day: How do you like your hot dog?

Grilled with mustard and onions or steamed with chili, cheese and onions!

Scenes From Bilbao's Riverside Meat Market

Brings new meaning to "This little piggy went to market..." Great shot and reality check!

"I'd hate to take a bite out of you...

In one of my favorite comedies, Grumpier Old Men, Burgess Meredith is hilarious trying to pick up Sphia Loren's mom in the grocery store with his line ,"Wanna see my man sized manicotti?" (The versions he uses in the outtakes at the end of the movie will have you rolling!)

What would be your favorite items to find on a Brunch menu?

I also vote for Eggs Benedict and I like it with a twist like avocado, but the Hollandaise is essential.. If this is a buffet you need things that will stand up to sitting around. Fruit or fruit salad is a nice counterpoint to rich foods, and I am also a sucker for Belgian waffles!

I've just been diagnosed with diabetes. Shall I kill myself?

Absolutely not! You can eat almost anything by watching carbs and combining foods using the glycemic index and close monitoring! It is wide extremes in blood sugar that are damaging, so you want to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible.My husband has Type 2 diabetes and we use the Joslin Diabetes site as a resource.
Warning: Don't go overboard on foods with sugar alcohol though they are a delicious sugar substitute- for the majority of people, too much sugar alcohol can cause cramping(sometimes severe) and gas(then people will want to kill you!)

Now At Krispy Kreme: Hot Fresh Whole Wheat Doughnuts

Okay- if you are eating Krispy Kreme are you really looking for healthy?!However, given that it probably doesn't affect taste or texture that much, what's the harm in adding a little nutritional value!

Improving School Lunches

What a great idea! Kids love eating produce they grow themselves, and learning about the growing cycle, the responsibilty of caring for and nurturing something combined with the opportunity to eat what they sow... it's a winner! I am going to suggest this at a couple of local schools as a fun project.

Potato-Chip Connoisseur

Before Pringles, before Munchos, there were Chipnics, a "chip" that was made from potato mush. If I could find an unopened bag, I would be sorely tempted to eat them. Maybe its nostalgia or maybe they were just a novelty then but I remember them being really great!

Chinese New Year Eats

In our house, Chinese New Year is celebrated on December 31 with a feast of chinese dishes (it was a diabolical way to get newly-legal kids to stay safely home on New Year's Eve!). While it is time-consuming (mostly the prep work) to make chinese food, it is fun and you can make sure you have lots of leftovers to eat through the week!

Rachael Ray - love, hate, ignore, pity, envy?

I love that she has opened a lot of minds to the possibilities of making a real meal even for two-career couples and working moms. I think she is in danger of being over-exposed, but I like her magazine too!


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