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People just pretend to actually love macaroons, right?

I've been reading Nabokov's Pale Fire for class today and came upon this line that made me laugh aloud. It involves a character who must get rid of a paper with secret info on it: "No, the slip was not for keeps. He could keep it only while memorizing t. This brand of paper (used by macaroon makers) was not only digestible but delicious."

Serious Sandwiches: Östermalms Korvspecialist

Ohh so many good memories from when I had a similar sausage-in-baguette experience, except my sausage was filled with cheese. So very very delicious.

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'The Amateur Gourmet'

I came home after a night out and decided to make a cheese omelette. What I didn't realize until I actually tasted it was that I had accidentally poured way way waaaayy too much salt in the egg mixture. To remedy this, using all of my skewed logic, I decided to make two more plain omelettes to put on top of the super salty one. Obviously, this didn't actually help at all.

Weekend Madness: Win an Autographed Copy of 'United States of Arugula'

The first time I feel that I really had argula, truly tasted and appreciated its buttery pepperiness, was a year ago while studying abroad at Oxford University. I had it in a crusty whole grain baguette with fig jam and goat cheese from one of many of Oxford's sandwich shops. Simply amazing.

We're Giving Away a Truly Great Steak This Weekend

Knickerbocker's porterhouse with fried onions and creamed spinach!

Cook the Book: 'Eat This!'

The Blue Benn in Bennington, VT. Nothing beats a hot, greasy Sunday Brunch after a long night out.


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