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Groceries Delivered to your Front Door

Hi Msecondo! Wow, we certainly are neighbors and I'm glad you can relate =). Yeah the swing shifts can get you and there are never any guarantees in retail grocery, not even hours. I'm glad you embrace produce, boy do I have stories of those and I'm sure you do too. I've been in the retail grocery business for 10 years so I'm just telling my story and others have contributed because we all can relate to this. That was my goal, another thing that help as well was to get feedback from readers and customers, it gave me a more open minded approach to customer service, so I'm happy that door opened as well. I really need to watch the movie "Go" sounds interesting. Thank you for reading and relating, I'm glad you think about it now and then.

Groceries Delivered to your Front Door

Hi Bleu! No disrespect taken. We deal with certain "characters" that come into the store. Not every customer are like the stories we tell, not even close. We don't write about our regular customers. These are just some odd events that happen and to write about it is a treat itself because there are times where you would stop and say, wow this did happen. When we write about what annoys us at work, its just a satire, poking fun at our work so everyone in retail can relate to it. There's no contempt. I don't hate my job, if it wasn't for retail, I wouldn't be the patient person I am today. I just like to poke fun at it. My store was 2 quarters ago, #1 in our division and #2 in our district in customer service. My personal score is 98% over 10 years and 2 months. Again I don't think its the customer service, it's just certain individuals. As for this person, when he honked we came out and did what was asked. We took his list down, got his groceries all while he was still in his car but we did tell him, we don't offer this service and this will be a kind gesture in our part, just this time. He was OK with that. Unless he was incapable of shopping on his own, we would happily oblige and this story would have never been written. Thank you for writing Bleu, I appreciate the comments =)

Groceries Delivered to your Front Door

Hi Mr. Nick! I work on Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, Oregon which if anyone knows about Portland is self explanatory. I can't tell you which store I work at but there's 4 grocery stores on that Blvd alone and I'm sure they have their own similar stories. None of my stories are fake, although a bit exaggerated, there are more outrageous things but I can't speak of them because they involve minors. Thanks for reading Mr.Nick =)

Grocery Clerk - What Would You Do?

Aisle 7 , next to the cheese across from the troll dolls

Ways to Annoy your Grocery Clerk #1

Interesting comments =. I just like to share my stories working in a major supermarket, it's a satire of my workplace, all on good fun. Relax and enjoy =)


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