Just a gal that lives in Seattle w/ a BF and a very strange kitty named Darbycat. Love comedy, music, food and drink.

  • Favorite foods: This would go on forever. Pizza, soups, stuffing and gravy, burgers, potatos, anything pork or chicken, eggs, hot and spicy foods.
  • Last bite on earth: pizza or a turkey sandwich

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McDonald's Filet-O-Fish: Yea or Nay?

I hate fish of any sort and will not EVER order it at any place. But the last time I was at McDon's which was a few years ago my all time teen fav. Qrter pounder with cheese and I wanted for some strange reason the fish burger. I loved the fish burger. I was sad about the qrter pounder because they seemed smaller now. Are they smaller now?

Just wondering, do you feel okay eating alone at a restaurant?

I sit in the bar (whether up at the bar on a stool if it's crowded with people or in a booth if not crowded) when I am solo. I think it's fun to people watch or watch whatever is on the t.v. (usually sports) , or I will read the paper or whatever I have to read, no I don't mind going solo.

Pizza Is A Vegetable According To Congress! Any Comments?

I don't know about calling it a "vegetable" but it is a good way to get kids to eat veggies, just make a fresh veggie pizza or a combo with lean meat on it. The crust these days can be healthy as well with whole wheat or gluten free crusts, good quality sauce and a little bit of cheeses. It can make eating veggies fun for kids.

Returning food to a grocery store -

I too flex the tortillas before buying them.

What to do with cheap ribeye cuts?

I like to cube them and make a steak chili with it, but in the oven at very low temp. for a few hours, comes out like butter.

Exploding food and the aftermath

I had a thick glass casserole pan that was oven proof and I had made a millions things in it before. One night when i was throwing a dinner party I was using it for something (can't remember what I made), when i took it out of the oven and put it on the stove top with in minutes it exploded into a million pieces, could not figure out how that happened.

Sea food on pizza. Yay or Nay.

I had a pizza made for me by a friend once that put smoked oysters on the pizza. I actually kind of liked it and that is odd because I do not like oysters except in dressing. Other then that no.

KFC vs Lee's: Finding the Real Kentucky Fried Chicken

I love KFC, in Seattle they must do something different because even the regular recipe remains crisp when I take it to go (and I always do). I do not care for dark meat so breasts it always is and it is crisp on the outside and tender/moist inside. Now this has not always been the case, in the 80's , 90's they were awful and when you asked for a breast they gave you a half a breast and it was stringy....Now they give you a whole breast and it is huge as well (can't finish it). fav sides are the mashed potatoes and coleslaw and their biscuits. But I love their bowls, love them, I crave them. Also I go on KFC's website and you can print out all sorts of coupons so I a bunch, one is for the bowl lol.

Zayda Buddy's Brings the Midwest to Seattle

I love Zayda's pizza's and during happy hour you can get a small pizza with 2 toppings of your choice for about $5.

EVERY Day Foods

Potatos, cheese, soup and bread of any sort is in my daily diet. Never get sick of these items.

I don't eat any of that Vegetable Crap

No way tongue except pieces in blood sausage. The list is long of all my dislikes:
Eggs that the whites are to runny, if they do a jiggle dance they go back into the pan.
ANY offal, no game meats and that includes lamb. I used to eat lamb as a kid no problem it was was when i got older I lost my taste for it.
No fish what so ever unless it is smoked, kippered or a cake.
No oysters, clams, mussels.
Raw tomatos, a plate full of peas, if it is floating in soups, stew thats okay.
Most beans, worst is lima yuk.
pop corn only because I do not like that that skin (whatever it's called always get stuck on the top of my throat or in between teeth.

appetizer for a dumpling dinner?

with potsticks I would go with a hot and sour soup, sushi or spring rolls either veggie or with shrimp or both.

glaze for ham

burbon and coke has always been a huge hit when i make a ham.

Pregnancy Cravings

Congrats to you. My mother didn't have any cravings when she was toting me around, but my older brother she could not eat enough of bananas.

Less Mess on Thanksgiving Day

Since T-Day only comes around once a year I do all the work and cleaning on that day. Besides some of the people that come to T Day ......lets just say I like being in the kitchen lol.

♥♥♥ = Homecooking. What's for dinner Nov. 23?

@the hostess can you please give out the no bake choc peanut butter pie recipe?
I just did leftovers to clear out the fridge for turkey day. So that meant leftover white rice from a previous Chinese take out night and leftover beef burgandy

Beans, Beans the magical fruit.---- What's for dinner Nov. 20?

Caesar salad with chicken, beef and cheese ravioli with a marinara sauce, garlic/herb bread sticks and strawberries with cream for finally.

making up lost time - what's for dinner 11/10/09?

Tonight was pork egg rolls, soba noodles with cabbage and celery, marinaded chicken, wok fried veggies and homemade sweet and sour sauce.
@yayfood I never heard of summer jean, what does it taste like?

Skipping school, acting cool--Dinner Monday Nov. 2?

Beef barbacoa with all the fixings (shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatos, jalepenos, sourcream, salsa, guac, onions), white rice and black beans.

Kiss the Cook!! What's for dinner Thursday Oct. 29th?

Marinated flank steak, garlic/parm smashed potatos, broc w/hollandaise sauce and butter rolls. I had to make the steak in the oven but I really would have liked to have grilled it, I marinated it overnight with a vinegar base marinade hoping this would tenderize it more.

I bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan---Dinner 10/28 Wed???

Chicken chow mein with chicken marinated in garlic and ginger, stir fry veggies, soba noodles and potstickers.

Bewitching in the kitchen! What's for dinner 10/27, Tuesday?

Penne pasta, meatballs, marinara sauce, squash and garlic bread.

What's your favorite food when drunk?

More beer. I don't like to eat when I am drinking, I don't like the bloating.

Friday's chicken. Okay or toss?

If it doesn't smell funky and there is no fuzzy growth on it then go for it.

Give some lovin' to your oven! Dinner Thursday 10/8?

Today I made fajita's steack and chicken, refried beans, rice, green salad, and of bourse all the trimmings to go with this.