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The Crisper Whisperer: 7 Things To Do with Garlic Scapes

Sounds like you were scaping the bottom of the barrel.

Stew Science: Is It Really Better the Next Day?

A couple of reactions:

I am mainly in the "it's psychological" camp. One reason is that because it tastes just about the same (per Kenji) it does not taste as we expect it to taste and that is like a "leftover". So, we are prepared for "worse" but actually get "the same" so the new result appears to us "better".

The second reaction is that most of my reheated soups, stews, X's seem significantly less brothy. Are the flavors a tad more concentrated?

Pizza Obsessives: Eric Leath

Pizza in Sicily details:

Ristorante da Toto
Via Mazzini n. 29
Piazza Armerina


Ristorante-Pizzeria La Timpa
Via Militelli Arciprete 91014
Castellammare del Golfo (just west of Pallermo airport)

Pizza Obsessives: Eric Leath

Spent a week in Sicily last summer. Had pizza twice. Both times it was very high quality. Sauces tend to be sicilian savory and spicy, thicker than Neopolitan. I wish I could have eaten more pizza there but then I would have had to cut back on the other foods I wanted to eat. Sicily is a great place to eat and to drink local wine.

Pizza With Sausage and Radicchio

Hey Kenji ... love that radicchio. But ... just in case people misread your text, radicchio is not a brassica like kale or brussels sprouts. It's a chicory like dandelion, endive, escarole. All of the chicory's do well charred and it changes their flavors in much the same way. They are all good on pizza too.

Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes? Kinda Sorta Maybe...

Flatten the box and use it as a weed barrier under that mulch that you spread. @peekpoke's suggestion for fire starter is good one too.

A Pizza My Mind: On Serving Sizes

At a really good pizzeria you should not have to worry about what you order originally. If the oven is properly hot, a pie takes less time to make than deciding what pie to order. So, scarf up your first order then order another and then another. Repeat until sated.

A Pizza My Mind: Why You Should Eat More Bad Pizza

Agreed. When I head to NYC from here in the midwest, the first thing I do pizza-wise is get me to the closest place for "a slice and a coke". The good stuff can wait.

The Pizza Lab: The Baking Steel Delivers

Here is an experience-based warning ... all that weight on an oven rack can distend and warp the inside of a cheap oven so that the racks will not stay in their slots in the oven's side. Be carefiul.

Early Word On Baking Steel: It Works

So, how is this substantially different from Lodge's Cast Iron Pizza Griddle?


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