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What is the worst pizza you have ever eaten?

OMG where to begin. That is why I started because I couldn't believe how many crappy places are out there. One that comes to mind was at a place in downtown Orlando. It was so putrid I threw it out and spit my first bite out!

Pizza Obsessives: Craig Agranoff (aka 'Lapp') of 'Worst Pizza'

Yes many places like to point the finger at me as well as bad reviews on yelp etc. They always fail to realize it is their cheap ingredients and lack of care that ultimately causes their demise.

Daily Slice: Pizza Rustica, Miami


Since my site is based out of South Florida I feel pretty strongly about the pizza down here. I personally wouldn't go to Rustica given the other choices in the area. For $4.00 a slice, I feel completely ripped off. We have had pizza at almost every Pizza Rustica location, and felt the same way as you do. Stick with the plain pie and avoid the mess of toppings, since they are runny and usually not the freshest.

When in South Beach you are better off grabbing a slice at Gino's

Any Good New York Style Pizza in Miami?

You think Miami's Best Pizza is good? ARE YOU NUTS! OMG that is definitely a relative or an employee who wrote that!

The United States of Pizza: Florida

Guys it is simple to figure out why Florida gets such a bad pizza name! Just look at some of the places listed above as the best? As the founder of, I can assure you that many of the above mentioned locations are garbage and I myself would think Florida has disgusting pizza if I went to try some of them based upon the recommendations of reviewers who seem forced to say local places are the best!

1. Squiggy's, although they have a great slice, they just filmed two porn films there while open, behind the counter, and unless they fumigate the place, I am never going back

2. Anthony's wouldn't last a week in NY, it is never cooked right, and the taste is average at best. If they didn't have the radio and Dan Marino promoting them, nobody would waste their time.

3. I could go on and on about many others, but trust me, stick to my choices instead of some of the others, to avoid disappointment. I agree Sosta is good, but at $4 a soda, I am not going.

And to the commenter who said Mellow Mushroom was good, I suggest you try a real pizza place, since I wouldn't let my dog eat theirs!

Pizza Obsessives: Craig Agranoff (aka 'Lapp') of 'Worst Pizza'


Sometimes even when I don't do a review some of the places have accused me. People always point the finger. It is so easy to make people like your pizza that owners who go out of business should be utterly humiliated by their lack of management.

The Food Lab: Is Good Pizza Really All About the Water?

This was an absolutely amazing post! Wish I had done this at my site, and I salute you for this

Pizza Bike Ride This Sunday to Di Fara, L&B Spumoni Gardens

Safe to say that after seeing that photo, I am still probably the sexiest pizza reviewer out there!

Imo's Pizza: St. Louis' Inexplicably Addictive Pie

I have never been to St. Louis but hear so many amazing things about this city being a pizza city. Sorry I haven't been on the comment boards so much, but hope to be back regularly.

Brooklyn Water Bagels in Delray Beach, Florida

Took home bagels from this place and then way beyond bagels, utopia bagels, and bagel works. Guess what? All picked the utopia to be ny! Don't tell me it is about the water. Sick of hearing that crap

Video: Lapp of Gets a Star Turn on TV News

Thanks Pizzablogger! She was very easy to speak with and made it a comfortable situation. Besides....could it get more comfortable for me then to be in a Pizza Place doing an interview!

Quick Profile on Jay Jerrier of Il Cane Rosso

we are about to publish our review of campagnia this week, and I wasn't so impressed with it!

Flying Squirrel Pizza Company: Former Starbucks Employee Treats Seattle Right

Where would you get a name like that? Flying Squirrel? Why not Jumping Hippo or something?

Critic-Turned-Cook Tries Out at Delancey in Seattle

I should consider opening my own place! After all the ones I have reviewed I could probably make a bad ass chain!

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

Not only did it looks disgusting adam, it tasted absolutely gross! Shame on them for passing it off as quality pizza.


The Detroit Metro Area's Top 25 Pizzas

one of my reviewers has also mentioned the albi to me? Is it really that good?

New Pizza Blog 'Slice Harvester' Plans to Eat at Every Pizzeria in NYC

He is late to us! We have been on this mission for a long long time, and not just in NYC

Jeremy Scott's Pizza Dress from His 'Food Fight' Collection

If only my wife would wear this, I could be the perfect reviewer!

[ DO NOT PUBLISH ] A First Visit to Saraghina, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Adam during our trip to see you, we were going to this place prior to la villa, but the number they have listed was wrong on google and we didn't even take the chance to see if they were still open and opted for lucali instead. This pizza looks awful, and although they might be busy, it might be because people just have no taste buds anymore! Stick to South Brooklyn Pizza folks

My Pizza Oven: Nick and Robin Gladdis, Paso Robles, California

I have reviewed a backyard pizza oven before on my site. if there is one thing I truly want when I move from Florida, it is to get an outdoor pizza oven!

The United States of Pizza: Alaska

Not sure we have even ever had one of our reviewers eat Pizza, let alone travel to Alaska!


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