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how to make someone like Cabbage.

Grilled, buttered, salted and peppered cabbage! Delicious.

Nut Butter

@cycorider You hit on what I was looking for. Using different nuts, maybe not necessarily the "standard" ones. I prefer sweet, so I love the suggestions to add honey/chocolate.

What about mixing a bunch of different nuts together? Along with sesame seeds, maybe?

I have never in my life roasted a nut. Put them on a baking sheet, and...? I do own a little toaster oven, too.

Stuffed Artichoke Casserole

I love artichokes and this recipes looks delicious! Made my tummy rumble a bit. Will definitely give it a try!

Uses for pesto?

Again, thanks, everyone. This is amazing! Can I please just stay at home for a month straight and prepare food involving pesto? We could have a giant pesto party.

@seriousb: I used half basil half spinach in my recent pesto attempt and loved it. I also read somewhere that using a small amount of fresh rosemary leaves and fresh thyme can be another good substitution.

Thai in Minneapolis

Oddly coincidental indeed. I had someone send me the link to this article shortly after I posted my question. I have a friend coming into town in a few weeks who has never had pad thai before, so I've been asking around for a good authentic place to take her. I really appreciate the responses! I totally agree how strange it is that there are such great authentic Thai places to go in smaller cities (Omaha, in my experience), and nothing to rival those places in Minneapolis. Minnesotans as a general rule are afraid of anything that makes their mouths burn a little bit!

Uses for pesto?

Look, you can remove any website info of mine. That's not what I'm here for. I came here for genuine reasons and had a legitimate question. Thank you to those who have helped out by giving me some recommendations. This site was like a dream come true when I found it. Now I'm feeling like I should take my pesto/food-related questions elsewhere. Sorry for the commotion, everyone.


Uses for pesto?

Wow! Amazing suggestions. Thank you so much, everybody. Now I have a great Pesto List for the upcoming weekend!

Thanks a million!


Uses for pesto?

Sorry, thought I had found a way but wasn't in edit mode after all. I can't figure it out either.

Pesto on a spoon is fantastic, as well!

Uses for pesto?

Ok, can I edit? Someone please tell me how.

What my post said that I will just write out here..

I added pesto to rice, chopped red bell peppers, chopped tomatoes and jalapenos. DELICIOUS!!

Also added it to spaghetti with chopped tomatoes and pepper.

Also created a delicious grilled cheese sandwich containing crab meat, pesto, cream cheese. SO good.

We used it as a dip for venison steaks, pita bread and a bunch of different veggies. All delicious!

See? These descriptions don't do them justice! Would love to share my photos. Anyhow, please add to the pesto list! I am eager to try more.


Uses for pesto?

I was not at all trying to self-promote! I deleted my post info above and edited. Not my intent!

Seafood in Asheville?

My husband and I will be in Asheville, North Carolina in 10 days. We have started a trend where we like to eat seafood on every adventure we take together. Is anyone familiar with the area and know of a good seafood restaurant?

Nut Butter

I love everything nuts. When I was pregnant with my first son, I would (shamefully) sit and eat peanut butter and Nutella straight from the container. Thank goodness I have pregnancy to use as an excuse for that!

Something I have had on my mind lately is that I want to try to create my own nut butter. I've come across a few different recipes, but they all seem too simple. I want something really nutty and delicious.


Thai in Minneapolis

I have been searching for ten years for a good authentic chicken pad thai dish in the Minneapolis area, and just have not been able to find a restaurant who has what I'm searching for.


Uses for pesto?

Hey everyone, I'm new to this site! What an awesome little community. I'm so excited to meet some of you!

Anyway, I'm not sure why my previous post on this topic seems to have been deleted so I'll try again!

I recently made a delicious pesto recipe and honestly did not know what to do with it! I started experimenting and came up with some pretty delicious little recipes/uses. I'm curious what others might use pesto for or put pesto in? I plan to make this a lot and would love additional suggestions you are willing to share! Thanks!

My pesto fun!