Michael Richardson

I am a cook at Saks Fifth in NYC. I cook for a living and photograph for fun but would love to be able combine the two.

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  • Location: NYC
  • Favorite foods: Asian, Spicy, Pickled,....
  • Last bite on earth: Bowl of Dublin Coddle which evokes major childhood memories

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Weekend Cook and Tell: Legacy of the Lentil

I like using Stewed Lentils as a base for a "meaty" fish like Sea Bass as it makes it quite hearty.

Philadelphia Cool Food

@alclyp I stopped at The Magic Garden and cannot believe how many photos I took. Magical is a great word.

Philadelphia Cool Food

Thank you all I had such a good time. Will be sharing soon

Philadelphia Cool Food

I am sorry to have been so slow getting back but a long day in the kitchen
..Thank you all this is exactly the kind of info I wanted.. And the Eastern State Penitentiary is right up my alley (Mummy show not my thing)

Did we (NYers) just get dissed?

Zagats is hoping The NY Post will run a story and give them a ton of publicity. A better question is, how relevant is Zagats?

Quiet restaurant but also group friendly?

ESPN zone is only in CA now.. Probably not the most suitable any how.

Great restaurants in Dublin?

My response from last night never posted. I assume because I had put a link to my own blog, As you know I sent you an email with some links

For pub food I would recommend The Church on Jervis Street which is a converted church. Good food and great atmosphere.

And more upmarket One Pico on Molesworth Place.

I have to agree with The Winding Stair as a suggestion also

Making burgers - portion control

I believe if you do a search for "ring molds" you might find what you are looking for.

Quiet restaurant but also group friendly?

Alley's End is now called Suenos.
Are you thinking lunch or dinner? Unless you are willing to dine a little early I think noise levels might be a problem almost anywhere. Rosa Mexicana would top my list of current suggestions.

"If I didn't eat it as a kid..."

If I followed that rule I'd eat very little.

We tease my mother about what we were fed as kids. But the fact is Ireland was a much poorer country and ingredients were not readily available.
Even working in the hotel business there was nothing like the wonderful breadth of ingredients I found on my last trip.

Allrecipes: Love it or hate it?

I tend to use epicurious.
I should not admit this..
But for some really basic recipes (batters and the like)I do sometimes use it just so I can scale them up when I use larger quantities .

Everyone eventually gets a bite of the proverbial...

I consider myself to have a strong stomach but I actually found this story nauseating..

Kitchen (Injury) Nightmares

In my early days as an apprentice I slipped while carrying a large pan of piping hot soup.In an effort to correct I actually fell backwards and had some serious burns. I was only fifteen years old and my wonderful employer had a kitchen porter drop me off at the emergency room and leave me there...Oh happy memories LOL

The Food Lab: How to Make Scallion Pancakes

This is fascinating. I never had any success with scallion pancakes and now have the scientific reason why.

Curried Sweet Potato Chips

Now this is something I really want to try. It would make a great side for many things.