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The Best Dinner Rolls (Fluffy, Crusty, and Chewy)

Do you think it's feasible to let them proof at room temp for a shorter period (rather than in the fridge overnight) for those in a rush?

The Best Dinner Rolls (Fluffy, Crusty, and Chewy)

@Stella No problem! Those that I gave a dunk/flip didn't stick at all. Either way these came out amazing, a new favorite.

Going to do another batch today and make them a bit bigger + add seeds to make them in sandwich rolls!

The Best Dinner Rolls (Fluffy, Crusty, and Chewy)

I would caution those making this recipe to make sure you use your slotted spoon to push the rolls under the surface of the water for a couple seconds at least before pulling them out. Otherwise the dough will stick badly to the paper towels.

Colombian-Style Salt-Crusted New Potatoes

Oddly familiar to a good batch of upstate NY salt potatoes.

The Best Dinner Rolls (Fluffy, Crusty, and Chewy)

This is a wonderful looking recipe, just in time for the holidays. Any thoughts on sprinkling on seeds and salt prior to baking?

How to Make Boston Baked Beans, the Low, Slow, Old-Fashioned Way

I really appreciate the effort you put into finding a quicker way to make this drool-worthy dish ... buutttt I just love the simplicity of the overnight method.

With that in mind, how much water did you use when you tried the overnight method, and did you use any aromatics then?

Grilled Shrimp With Garlic and Lemon

Couple points on this from my first time trying it:

1. Putting uncovered raw shrimp in the fridge to rest and dry out for an hour will make your fridge smell like shrimp for a day or more after. Covering the shrimp during this time may alleviate this but would probably prevent the shrimp from drying out.

2. Two-and-a-half pounds of peeled and de-vined shrimp is a LOT! Easily enough to feed 6 or more people.

Channa Masala

Could you include instructions for making this from dried chickpeas for those who already have those?

Israeli-Style Extra-Smooth Hummus

Amazeballs. Just made and this is so good. I made a half recipe and the cooking liquid / chickpeas were pretty salty, but after whisking with the tahini it was perfect. I like things a bit extra salty so if you're salt-sensitive you might want to cut back on the salt a bit for the chickpeas and then add back to taste at the end.

The Bitter Irishman

So basically an Irish Whiskey Floral Old Fashioned.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Toll of Owning Your Business

How does one get to use their 401k savings before retirement without being required to pay it back in?

Excellent Neapolitan-Style Pies at Etto in Washington, DC

Regardless of the Neapolitan debate these are my observations as a local who's eaten there a few times:

The crumb of the cornicione is pretty sub par, much more dense and heavy then what most people like at places like 2 Amy's and Pupatella.

The pizzaiolos here may be a bit inexperienced, or at least a couple of them. I've seen them tear holes in the pizzas when opening them quite a few times. A bit more appalling, they just patch up the hole rather than start over with a new dough. It may be the dough and not the pizzailoso, but either way it's sad to see.

With all that said, these pizzas ain't cheap! Pretty overpriced I think when you consider the above.. but that's the nature of Logan Circle / U St corridor now.

Cheesy Grits With Spring Vegetables

Kenji, slight correction required in Step 4:

"Heat vegetable in a large skillet over high heat until smoking."

should be

"Heat vegetable OIL in a large skillet over high heat until smoking."

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Just last weekend I had the bacon peanut butter burger at The Abbey Burger Bistro in Baltimore's Federal Hill. Recent memory and my love for bacon & peanut butter on a burger put it at the top of my list.

Studies Continue to Prove: Nuts, in Moderation, Are Really Good For You

Follow up:

Phytic acid has a strong binding affinity to important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. When a mineral binds to phytic acid, it becomes insoluble, precipitates and will be inabsorpable in the intestines. This process can therefore contribute to mineral deficiencies in people whose diets rely on these foods for their mineral intake, such as those in developing countries.[8][9]

Food sources of Phytic Acid[15]
Food [% minimum dry] [% maximum dry]
Sesame seeds flour 5.36 5.36
Brazilnuts 1.97 6.34
Almonds 1.35 3.22
Tofu 1.46 2.90
Linseed 2.15 2.78
Oat Meal 0.89 2.40
Beans, pinto 2.38 2.38
Soy protein concentrate 1.24 2.17
Soybeans 1.00 2.22
Corn 0.75 2.22
Peanuts 1.05 1.76
Wheat flour 0.25 1.37
Wheat 0.39 1.35
Soy beverage 1.24 1.24
Oat 0.42 1.16
Wheat germ 0.08 1.14
Whole wheat bread 0.43 1.05
Brown rice 0.84 0.99
Polished rice 0.14 0.60
Chickpeas 0.56 0.56
Lentils 0.44 0.50

Studies Continue to Prove: Nuts, in Moderation, Are Really Good For You

One major drawback of nuts: high phytic acid content!

Phytic acid inhibits mineral absorption. This is especially bad for your teeth as the newly formed layers of dentin will be thin or poorly calcified.

Una Pizza Napoletana

Nevermind, the video had a score specifically written for it by Tommy Guerrero.

Basil Vinaigrette...

dbcurrie: Very interesting, I would have never thought of tofu when I noticed the soy note, make sense.

Embackus: That dressing looks delicious, I'll have to try it.

Knife Brands

Also check out this link for a great article that tests and reviews quite a few knives and has some great insights.

Bowling Alley Food vs County Fair Midway Food

Fair food no doubt, first thought goes to fresh cut fries with malt vinegar, kosher salt & plenty of ketchup.

Knife Brands

I would highly recommend Victorinox knives. They are made by the same company that makes Swiss Army knives. Incredibly sharp, sturdy (full tang), and well-balanced. Also the handles are made of a composite called Fibrox which is both comfortable and durable.

I have the 3-piece set but I would recommend the 8-inch chef's knife for an all-around kitchen knife.

They don't have a big name or price tag but their quality matches that of knives 3-5 times more expensive.

Rescue my bolognese!

@SqueezeBottle: this is a great point and something I should have considered.


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