Chefs/cookbook authors. Hoping to start a cooking program with ex-offenders. Wish we had a yard and a grill.

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  • Location: NYC
  • Favorite foods: Anything that looks good at Pino the butcher.
  • Last bite on earth: Phil: the paccheri with eggplant and pesto at Aurora Soho. Or maybe a whole grilled fish. Lauren: a giant awesome steak

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Worthless items

sorry...forgot's good in there.

How many cookbooks do you have?

Great question! From the answers I see what I've suspected. A massive range, with many interesting social observations (not to get too heavy). A ton of books (we also have 100s) means cooking interest but also maybe home space or just into cookbooks. 3 or 4 not so much space but maybe like cooking OR, and more concerning: total reliance on the web. Cookbooks are a good window into current life patterns. One thing's pretty clear: no cookbooks, probably no pans.

Steak Tartare - Manhattan

Balthazar for sure.

don't got to quality meats or Employees Only. Weird that steakhouses often make crappy tartare.

Anyone a fan of Chef Sam Mason and see his company?

thanks-will check out his site. seems like an arrogant guy but I saw him whup some serious but on iron chef so he must know what he's doing.

Dinner Doldrums

This is a good, universal dilemma. It's tough right at the cusp of a new season. Maybe you should shift from the reheating focus; nothing wrong with cold/room temp food.

1. Do you ever do sandwiches? They may or may not get soggy, but you can always assemble last minute. I'd give you ideas if you'd like.

Is anyone sous-viding at home?

we do it sometimes and as far as I can tell it's just meant as a different method to cook proteins (i'm not convinced on the veg side). And then make whatever you want.

Quinoa "Mac and Cheese"

wow. I can only assume this is for health reasons.

Baby Shower

Bring wine. Big time appreciated at these things.

The case of the $15. glass of wine....

u gotta ask. $15 while steep isn't unheard of for a mice place. At least it isn't the $25 Per Se scammed me out of at the bar a few years ago.

Paula Deen's Diabetes Reveal

i like her defense that she's always always been about moderation. Of lard.

Taste Test: Grapefruit Juice

I can't believe your office squeezed juice didn't get a 10 out of 10. If you like grapefruit juice...

I'm Rethinking Pasta Sauce!

Agree. sometimes long-cooking doesn't mean better. Check out Scott Conant's video (it's somewhere) on his tomato sauce. Pretty quick and simple. Also, Italian food is (mostly) about quick merging of great ingredients and simplicity, which is why I love that whole Roman antipasti thing.

Most irritating restaurant policy peeves...

agree with Jerzee. don't return. I haven't come across too many irritating policies, but it's more a bunch of trends such as the small plate thing, which is a transparent way to jack up the bill.

Also, restaurants that don't take reservations drive me nuts, especially when it's like freezing and I don't want to wait around.


ahh-u TOO! drinkin a beer now. Tom maybe wine. Or something stronger depending on the level of family chaos. Like warm gin

Where to Eat in Kansas City area? (Classics and new?)

dunno i have a mandatory family visit there and suffer through every moment.

eat the bbq

How to Brew Coffee in a Siphon or Vacuum Brewer

I assume the meth lab was a Breaking Bad reference in which case Walt claims it's the best cup he's ever had, and I trust Walt with my life. Or meth.

I can't believe they don't like...!

I'm always surprised about mayo hatred. Which means no chicken salad, a favorite.

There Goes That Season

yeesh-right in front of the house-that's tough

L.A. Fish Taco Battle: Ricky's Fish Tacos vs. Best Fish Taco in Ensenada

jeez did you have to write this? I love fish tacos and I'm stuck in NYC. They look sooo good.