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Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Burger

I make something similar, although I butcher my own steer.


Coffee Processing: How Do You Get from Cherry to Bean?

Great article. Naturally processed coffees are some of my personal favorites, although, as noted, the variance in quality is considerably greater.

One can locate ratings for these coffees at by typing in "dry-processed" (with hypen) into the search window. I haven't tried too many of those listed on the site, but I can speak highly of Johnson Brothers' Amaro Gayo, PT's Ethiopian Sidamo Special Prep, and Paradise Roasters' "Romance by Paradise." The latter is not single origin, nor entirely naturally processed, but it one of the few blended coffees I enjoy.

The United States of Pizza: Illinois (Beyond Chicago Edition)

Some locations south of I-70

Firefly Grill in Effingham should get a nod for their brick oven pizzas, particularly the apple, bacon, brie:

Quatros in Carbondale has a strong local following:

Cummare's in Murphysboro:

Palace Pizzeria in Cobden:

Video: The Kobe Beef of Pork: Mosefund Farm's Mangalitsa Pigs

NYT had a nice piece on this last year entitled "An Old Breed of Hungarian Pig is Back"

Any Holiday Cooking Questions? Ask Harold McGee and The Food Lab

Cooking the turkey to the USDA recommended temperature dries out the bird, rendering the meat an expedient to gravy consumption. What are your thoughts on preparing turkey in similar fashion to how one prepares duck/goose?

Critic-Turned-Cook: Recipe Testing for 'The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook'

I should note that my last comment should be taken with good humor. Apologies for not inserting the obligatory :) !

Critic-Turned-Cook: Recipe Testing for 'The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook'

Looks interesting. May I suggest a companion volume entitled "The Vegetable Lover's Meat Cookbook: Meat Recipes Vegetarians Will Devour"?

Ideas for Elderberries?

The syrup and jelly are in the making. I might try the pie as well.

The liqueur sounds like a great idea. I have a friend who just emailed to say she was making homebrew/beer with them.

Where Do You Get Your Favorite Pizza?

@Adam If you make the trek north from Chicago and cross the border into WI, I would recommend these three stops:

1.) Kenosha: Ruffalo's Special Pizza on 45th street for the deep dish "Special." The thin crust is alright, but the deep dish is yeasty and delicious, and the ham, tomato, oregano combination on the Special is great.

2.) Kenosha: Villa D'Carlo Restaurant on 6th avenue for their thin crust pizza

3.) Racine: Wells Brothers Italian Restaurant for their thin crust, which offers a nice comparison/contrast to Villa D'Carlo. They made USA Today's top 10 pizza places some years ago

Infusino's for their deep dish is worth a mention as well, with locations in both cities.

Are Coffee Microlots Worth the Money?

I look forward to this release each year

Intelligentsia's should be available soon:

PT's, out of Topeka, KS, is excellent as well:

Equipment: The All-Clad vs. Tramontina Skillet Showdown

@Kenji Great piece, thanks. I'd like to see a comparison of the Stainless Steel and MC2 All-Clad fry pans. For gas and electric burners, my chef friends vouch for the MC2 series.

Homegrown San Marzano Tomatoes = Disappointing

Addendum to my previous comment: I use the Amish Paste only for sauce and paste. There are far better tomatoes for eating fresh.

Homegrown San Marzano Tomatoes = Disappointing

I've been disappointed with the flavor and production of my San Marzanos as well. That said, I really like "Amish Paste." If you're interested, you should be able to find the seeds several places online. We get ours from Fedco, a coop in Maine.

(Disclaimer: I do not work for Fedco, nor am I Amish.)

Cook the Book: 'The Boozy Baker'

A good imperial stout will vastly improve many savory dishes and whole grain breads. (e.g. Bells Expedition Stout, Victory Storm King, Founders Imperial Stout, Stone Imperial Stout....)

Beer Can Duck

soozm32 -- I suppose we would be better served by a hyphen between beer and can. You should comment on the "Hush Puppies" thread as well.

Beer Can Duck

dhorst -- Thanks for the recipes. I missed both of those somehow.
Adam -- Thanks. Would be great to see Josh take up the challenge and give a full report
simon and treboR -- Definitely for the flavor

The Food Lab: How (Not) to Roast a Chicken

@Kenji. Thanks for taking the time to respond. It's appreciated.

Wait, Orange Wine? The Fourth Wine Color

Interesting piece. I've always thought the wines from Jura were underrepresented on restaurant menus. They make great food pairings.

Some dessert wines would certainly qualify as "brown" or "amber." I'm thinking of sherries especially, and certain muscats and muscadelles.

The Food Lab: How (Not) to Roast a Chicken

Great writing, thanks.

Any thoughts on the ``beer-can" chicken approach on the grill? I seem to do pretty well with this, as the legs are close to the flames and cook faster. A few nights ago I had the legs at 165 and the breast at 145 when I pulled it off the grill, with a fairly crisp skin. (I'll try your duck fast basting suggestion next time.)

Cook the Book: 'Molto Gusto'

Taqueria Pequena in Cobden, Illinois


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