Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY now living in Philadelphia, Pa. I have gone from eating foods from a different country each weekend to eating cheese stakes and soft pretzels. And ya know what? I couldn't be happier lol.

  • Location: Philadelphia
  • Favorite foods: vanilla congnac infused creme brulee, orange and banana pudding, I love desserts. If I could commit to it and it didn't kill me in the process, I'd make a dessert blog and eat desserts all dam day!
  • Last bite on earth: It would have to be something that I've never eaten before. I'd be happy eating some brand new and exciting.

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Serious Philadephia?

I feel compelled to comment...I know u said Asian but, make sure you hit up the reading terminal market. Mercato (italian) is an amazing BYOB on 12th & spruce. Oh and Valanni (medi-latin) is over there too, also incredibly amazing! lol

What Weird Family Foods Did You Grow Up Thinking Were Normal?

@mleca me too! When I was growing up "french toast" for us was a slice of toast with cinnamon, sugar and butter thrown into the broiler until the sugar was crispy and that was the "french toast" I stayed at a friends house in High school, his mother made "french toast" for breakfast and I was like....uh what's that! that ain't the french toast I know! lol

Dear Food Network, Please Stop

Wow, when the man's right he's right. I find myself more and more looking for ways to satisfy my craving for foodie knowledge as the void that was once filled with tid bits from Alton Brown is now gone. Sad network.

Tomato Sauce outta can? Gross!

To answer many questions all at once, yes pre-made ricotta stuffed ravioli is usually gross. But I got it from the local South-Philly former Mafia grandma at the market. The recipe I used had carrots in it here's the link to the recipe
recipe for tomato sauce

It was "Spagetti Sauce" 365 brand from whole foods. Um...I'm not sure what other questions were asked. Too much pressure! lol

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It ...

I'm down for a DIY Blt, but the ones from the greasy, sleezy deli in Brooklyn are sooo good! lol

Homemade Popsicles

@wickedgooddinner I freeze the olive brine/juice...

Are All Parties Potlucks Now?

amen to that! @therealchiffonade! All I ask of my friends are to simply arrive ON TIME! lol

Homemade Popsicles

I make frozen olive brine ice cubes with a tooth pick in the middle. I put them in my martinis to keep them frosty. This way, as the juice melts my drink just gets so Dirty! and I love it!

Does that count?

Emotional Eating: Strange Cravings when you're ANGRY!

Thanks Paula,

I hope the boss will wise up soon! lol

The Big McFatty Melt LOL @chew on that "The meat is cooked to perfection" I was thinking the same thing. With all the terrifying elements of this "sandwich" there's no bacon. what's that all about?

Emotional Eating: Strange Cravings when you're ANGRY!

lol wow, I didn't expect so many boozers lol. @cassaendra, the rice krispy treats get really crunchy in the cold ice cream, it's so good!

Large Movie Popcorn with Butter: 1,220 Calories

I will not lie I sneak food every chance I get. But sometimes I get the urge for salty goodness in the theatre ergo nachos with extra yellow cheese substitue. I have since learned that it's caloric value is somewhere along the number. 1500! Thank god I'm skinny I got room to eat that crap LOL

Please help me find the perfect FOOD BLOG name!

@renzata lol I was just thinking the same thing! I agree with engmcmuffin. Many of us don't mind helping out. But, what are you're own thoughts. I mean I personally can't contribute without knowing what you've already thought of.

Apple Pie: Way or No Way?

I like my apple pie, sans apples. In place of them, I love it with cherries. I usually make mine with grand marnier and get this....a pinch of cayenne pepper. shhhh. Sorry, but I like my pie HOT!

Favorite Philly Tapas?

Best Tapas in Philly are from Valanni. I just went the other day, they had some special for like a 4-course dinner and 4 different types of sangria for like $50! Needless to say I was drunk by the end of dinner, but dammit I had a good time. ...come to think of it, I don't really remember dinner that

making soup?

@vegemite, agreed! At the dawn of every great soup recipe lies the makings of a great stock! Like @vegemite said, you can vary the veggies you use that will add depth and body to your soup. The french traditional is 2 parts onion, 1 part celery and 1 part carrot. Some use peppers, garlic and onions. Either way you need to use SALT! lol and BUTTER. You don't always have to add cream.

Secret* I sometimes use chicken bouillon cubes when I don't have my own stock at hand...shhh! Works just as well.

Good luck!

Dinner Tonight: Roasted Asparagus with Poached Eggs and Miso Butter

What a deliciously decadent meal. Nothing beats roasted asparagus with poached eggs!

Grocery Ninja: Korean Roasted Seaweed, Kim

Hey my mom used to pick up something similar from Chinatown in NYC for me when I was a kid. I ate it as a snack because my mother told me it'll keep the "trolls" at bay. I was the only black kid in brooklyn that I knew that ate seaweed to keep away the dam trolls. cousins thought that was the funniest thing, all 10 of them, all the time. Anyone have a clue as to what I was snacking on? My mother seems to have forgotten what she gave me.

From our Sponsor: A Small Step to Help the Planet?

I just want to put this out there. Ever since I learned that sun chips bags are the only bio degradeble bags, I have been telling all my friends and I've only eaten sun chips.

I admit it! I am a slave to great marketing! No big deal. I mean aren't we all. Look at how much attention this post has gotten...right? Zinger!

The Latest In KFC Grilled Chicken Mayhem

As of today KFC is no longer honoring the coupons. Originally the coupons were valid through may 19. Unfortunately for KFC, they did not expect to have such a response. As a result, they ran out of chicken, biscuits and patience all over the country. LOL KFc is second to Popeye's to follow the trend of underestimating the response to cheap/free chicken and run out of stock and incite chicken riots all over.

Mixed Review: Uncle Ben's Rice Pudding Mix

Yea, any excuse to pull out a bottle of wine works for me. Normally I use the excuse that there's wine in the house so it must be consumed.

Anyway, certain things take a long time for a reason. for example, why rush it? LOL I sound like a drunk.

Cook to Bang. Recipes to get you laid?

@pooch awe thanks I didn't even know there was a box. Does this mean I'm a rebel? Yes!

From our Sponsor: A Small Step to Help the Planet?

@squeeze - I was just thinking the same thing. I was like...hmmm Should I post a response to this or am I playing into the hands of some very clever advertisers? Once I saw your post, I was relieved to see that I was not the only one who recognized their insidious plot! DAMN YOU SUN CHIPS! Damn you and your pursuit of an interactive forum with food/earth conscious people!

Unofficial 'Support Pork Week'

Yay! I will certainly tear some bacon up. I normally can binge on a pack a day. mmm


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