Toronto born, now living in Nantes, France

  • Location: France
  • Favorite foods: Too many to enumerate
  • Last bite on earth: Fries and gravy

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The Best Honing Steel (Not Sharpening Steel!) for Your Knife

" a perfect mohawk, the hair converging to a fine point, with the help of far too much gel"
Pfff, amateurs! You use egg white, gelatin, soap, or, if you're really hardcore, two-part epoxy

How to Blind-Bake a Pie Crust

Hey Kenji, what was your bad experience with not putting something under the weights?
I've always used dried beans with no lining and haven't had any problems...

Pantry Essentials: All About Chutney

Big chutney and Branston fan here!
Reminds me of a couple of years ago when I had a surfeit of rhubarb... Found a nice sounding rhubarb chutney recipe; used the handy convert to weight from volume measurements button; simmered for a long time; tasted... horribly, terribly salty. Oops, must have messed up somewhere! Chucked everything and started over, with the same result.
I finally realized that the conversion for the salt quantity had a bug and was transforming teaspoons of salt by volume into tablespoons of salt by weight. :-(

What's the Weirdest Ice Cream Flavor You've Ever Tried?

Magic mushroom, from a place in northern Ontario (you had to supply your own mushrooms); it was terrible.

The Food Lab: This is How Hot and Sour Soup Should Taste

Oh man, I had forgotten the very existence of hot and sour soup! There are no Chinese restaurants worthy of the name where I live now. I'm going to make this for lunch tomorrow, seeing as I already have a couple of chicken carcasses in the freezer.

When Old is New: Craft Distilling Comes Full Circle

I once made Jerusalem artichoke alcohol. It was surprisingly good, perfect for a Bloody Mary or a Bloody Caesar.

The Food Lab: How to Make Jerk Chicken at Home

What would I change if I wanted to use fresh bay leaves?

The Food Lab: 3 Ways to Grill Corn

I hate you all!!!
The only kind of corn on the cob you can get here in France is pre-shucked, vacuum-packed, half-ears that were harvested way too long ago. I haven't even been able to find frozen corn, which is at least slightly fresh tasting. Once, I found ears of corn in an Asian food supermarket but the dried up ends made it clear that it had been several days (or more) since they had seen a field!
There are other advantages of living in France, but I really miss stopping on the side of the road to buy corn that was harvested just before you got there!

Cereal Rant: Why Buzzfeed Is Wrong, These Cereals Should Not Be Obliterated

My two favourite bowls of cereal:
The Cap'n (not available where I live)
(don't judge me) two Weetabix with Shreddies(not available where I live) on top and a sprinkling of All Bran, covered with a nice coating of brown sugar.

Add the fact that French milk is almost exclusively UHT shelf-stable blasphemy and it explains why I've all but given up on cereal.
and I've liked that last one since I was very little

Ask the Critic: Best Murray Hill Eats; How Much Do I Tip a Bartender?

@ chefmikebenninger

Don't forget that there are many places in North America (some states and most provinces) where waitstaff and bartenders ARE paid the same minimum wage. It's frustrating to be "forced" to tip 18% when the person makes the same wage as everyone else.

Serious Entertaining: The Vegan, One Meal Convince-A-Meathead Challenge

@themossie @Kenji
I have to agree with Kenji on this one; my girlfriend's mom was a crappy cook who boiled the sh1t out of everything, à la anglais(although she was French). The only veg that she (my girlfriend) liked before meeting me was canned green beans, and only when accompanied by the classic French dish "steak haché" which is a frozen burger patty sauteed in butter!

Goldfish from 'Classic Snacks Made from Scratch'

Thanks for all the responses!
I found some on Ebay, although the minimum order seems to be in the 1/2kg, which is a LOT of cheese powder; at least if I get it, I'm pretty sure that it's shelf-stable for at least 150 years!

Goldfish from 'Classic Snacks Made from Scratch'

What's cheddar cheese powder?
I mean, the name is pretty self-explanatory but I've never heard of it before. Where can you get it?

Sauced: Banana Ketchup

I've had a spicy banana sauce on a kebab before. The people who ran the place were Indians, Tamils I think.

Vegan: How Not To Ruin Lentil Soup

I like to chuck in a half lemon at the start.
This is also a great starting soup to get rid of frozen leftovers and all those freezer packages with one drumstick, a half-cup of frozen peas, or other somewhat useless quantities.

British Bites: Crumpets

Ohh yeah! Toasted crumpets with butter and honey!

The Food Lab: How To Make a Foie Gras Torchon (Secret Technique Inside!)

Interesting! I'd never heard of curing salt used for foie gras, probably because its been banned for public sale here in France; I had order from the UK to make corned beef.
Most people I know here make foie gras mi-cuit in a terrine because they feel that a torchon is too much of a hassle. I'll have to prove them wrong!

BTW pink peppercorns make a nice change from black or white, both visually and for taste.

In Our Community Corner: Meet Diana Horst (aka 'dhorst')

To peel tonnes of garlic quickly use two mixing bowls :

Taste Test: The Best Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese

President's Choice White Cheddar, which I'm pretty sure is only available in Canada.... After that, Kraft Dinner.

Snapshots from Israel: What's The Best Hummus You've Ever Had?


I just realized that it might not be common knowledge...

Couscous the dish is a plate of couscous (the pasta) served with a vegetable broth and usually merguez sausages and/or meat of some kind (except pork).

Here in France it is regularly voted as one of the top three favourite dishes of the French, even beating out choucroute for number one in the east of France. The fact remains that it is a dish introduced by Maghrebi (North African) immigrants; it is not French(this has caused some concern among the loony tunes extreme right).