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From the Archives: How to Make the Best Corned Beef

I started curing my own last weekend as well. How important is it to rinse off the beef before cooking it SV? Since I already went through the trouble of sealing it in the bags (4 full briskets and a trial flat iron, 9 bags total) could I just cook it in those and then use the liquid from that to finish cooking (after straining out the spices).

Or does the rinsing (and discarding of liquid from the curing) get rid of some of the extra salt and something or play some other important role?

Vegan: Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Panini With Sun-Dried Tomato Mayonnaise

After the last few weeks I'm a little disappointed you didn't try making these in the waffle iron.

Do you guys have a panini press recommendation?

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 3

I'm doing vegetarian this month (maybe vegan next year). One thing I'm trying to do is focus on techniques I can improve rather than just recipes.

Eggs are an easy out for breakfast as a vegetarian, but I decided I could spend the time trying to learn proper technique for a french omelet instead of just making a normal breakfast.

I also plan on tackling home made bread and pasta (anything with dough), two things I've never been able to make successfully to even an "adequate" level.

If there's any vegan dishes that fall into that kind of "basic technique/skills" type category I'd love to see them.

Homemade Shin Cup-Style Spicy Korean Ramyun Beef Noodle Soup

The link for doubanjiang doesn't seem to work. It's the same as the link to Gochujang.

The Food Lab: The Science of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Did you have any findings on the % cocoa in the chocolate (or is it just a personal preference thing)? I know in Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home recipe he uses a 55% and a 72%.

Equipment: The Best Chef's Knives

Learned a lot here. Thanks!

Any quick recommendations on storage? i.e. blocks vs magnetic strips vs ???

What about a steel, is there much difference in them?

Equipment: The Kitchen Starter Kit

I'm excited for the knife guide, as I've been reading up on them lately.

Will it cover how to find a "beginer's professional" knife? I am finding it hard to find knife recommendations for people in my spot. I've been using a victorinox for 3-4 years and have loved it, but haven't used anything better. Most knife buying advice seems geared at people who wouldn't want a "real" chef knife (i.e. victorinox is a good choice for them) or people who already use a good knife (in which case the advice is to buy one that fits you well, which could be any number of brands/styles/etc).

My issue is, I don't know what a good knife is supposed to feel like. If I went to the store now and tried a few I'd probably get one that feels most like the victorinox because that's what I'm used to.

Chefs make it sound like good knives are like high end cars. You can get the lexus or mercedes or porche, and all are great, but they all fit different people with different wants/needs. A person who only has ever driven a 10 year old taurus would be hard pressed to pick the car that fits them the best, but someone who's driven an acura might have a better idea what they are looking for & like/don't like. They might enjoy the lexus just fine but for the money maybe a porche was more suiting. Will the guide cover how to pick a knife in the acura range?

Equipment: The Kitchen Starter Kit

I picked up those baking sheets/racks & the mixing bowls from your thanksgiving gear guide. Man do I love them. I had no idea how handy those bowls would be. I've used them over a dozen times already and am almost tempted to buy another set.

The baking sheets are amazing too. Certainly better than the 20+ year old ones I got from my mom. With how reasonably they are priced I'm thinking about chucking my other sheets and replacing them with more of these. The size/sturdyness & high edge make them great. Those racks fit perfectly as well, which was far from the case with the ones I was using.

The Food Lab: How to Make Turkey Weisswurst (White German Sausage)

If you were going to make these before hand, how long would they keep in the fridge before cooking?

The Complete 2013 Serious Eats Guide To Turkeys

Does anyone have a good baking sheet/rack combo for Spatchcocking?

My current ones are flimsy and smaller and I don't see them fitting even a 10 pound bird very well.

The Food Lab's Guide to Slow-Cooked, Sous Vide-Style Eggs

Would the 165 degree eggs be a good choice for deviled eggs?

Equipment: We Test the $199 Sous Vide Circulator From Anova

How do the heating elements compare? Are the two able to get to the same temp in roughly the same amount of time?

Make This Now: Savory French Toast With Garlic and Parmesan

Have you done a food lab look at french toast? I know Alton recommends leaving the bread out the night before. ATK I believe it was said better results come from toasting it in the morning first, and Modernist Cuisine (of course) uses a vacuum chamber to pull the custard into the bread (which is made from milk cooked sous vide with chorizo)

Tater Tots x Nachos = Totchos

No Food Lab tot variation to take things up another notch?

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

The best I've had lately has been the food lab Juicy Lucys, though the smashed burgers from there are also good (and so easy).

Ask the Food Lab: Can I Start Pasta In Cold Water?

Added to the above, I suppose what I'm wondering is if the al dente texture you are likely going for is dependent on the soak time (or volume or whatever) or the cook time, or both, or neither.

Ask the Food Lab: Can I Start Pasta In Cold Water?

Using the soak then throw into the sauce method, is the cooking time the same as you would normally do? i.e. if you would normally cook the pasta for 8 minutes in water, would you just let it heat with your sauce for 8 minutes?

With lasagna, why don't the noodles over cook when being cooked for 40+ minutes?

The Food Lab: How to Make the Ultimate Beef Wellington

Is there anything in the selection of the foie gras someone who never cooks with it should know? It looks like you can find already cut slices that are about 2 oz each (sometimes frozen) which look like they would work. I would assume grade doesn't matter in this case since you didn't mention it.

For a novice cook, is there any issues may come up with buying a full lobe for the torchon you posted and then just cutting off a bit of it for this?

Video: Alton Brown on Why His Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Is Perfect

I was just telling a friend a few days ago about how much I would love to hear Kenji & Alton sit down and talk Thanksgiving. Please tell me there is more to this video and it will be made available.

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition

I have tried making mashed potatoes three times using methods like the one from your article, and those of Modernist Cuisine/Heston Blumenthal. I go for the super creamy kind. The problem I have is that they always end up a little grainy, almost like grits to some extent. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, or if it's caused by over cooking/under cooking/starch/etc. The last time was a bit better after cooking the potatoes SV like Heston recommends then boiling them for longer than I normally would but they were still a bit grainy.

The Food Lab: How to Make Awesome Pho in 1-Hour

Is there a reason the meat in either pho recipe isn't browned first? It seems like every time I'm cooking beef in a large pot the recipe always says to sear it first.

The Food Lab: The Best Korean Fried Chicken

Modernist Cuisine at Home has a korean fried chicken recipe in which they use a 50/50 combination of Wondra and potato starch, the recipe mentions that Wondra is "pre-hydrated." Does that or the potato starch have any impact on gluten development?


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