Attended pastry school; writer; mother

  • Location: petagal
  • Favorite foods: Pizza and pasta with vegetables roasted or cooked al dente.
  • Last bite on earth: Berries of all kinds in all ways.

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No-yeast pizza crust?

Try the English muffin thing as a last resort.

Just don't go there without yeast....

No-yeast pizza crust?

Buy those packaged focaccia-like things and freeze until you need them. Then let the kids have at'tem!

If you try pizza with no yeast, you will have something I hate to think about.... :)

Cheesecake Help

Can I mention a brand? Philly does have more tang and taste than store brands or others I've tasted for traditional "cream cheese" cheesecake.

Worst foodie gift ever?

Tins of tasteless, sawdust-like cookies from relatives I barely knew--ewww!

"Chili non Carne" from 1980s Bon Appetit--recipe please?

So close--even sounds better than the original :)

If I substitute mushrooms for zuchinni I have it and more!

Thank you so very much--you've made the East Coast winter bearable for us.

Try again: What's your kitchen therapy this weekend; any projects?

Re-organizing cabinets and assembling special tools for the big holiday baking bash (so helpful in assembling shopping list and mis en place).

Teaching my 14-year-old the joy of yeast!


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