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Jalapenos are poppin out of my garden!

For fried poppers, use boxed potato flakes for the crunchy exterior. Sounds weird, but they give the peppers the most satisfying, golden crispy crust imaginable.

Hey SE'ers-What do you do for a living?

Legal secretary who dreams of dinner all day ; )

Sambal ketchup packets?

Yes-sambal oelek, sorry I am on a first name basis with it ;)

I don't have a refridgerator at work, otherwise I would just leave the whole jar here.

The Bento sauce container idea is great, thanks!

CJ McD-I think we are on to something...

Weird Foods to Eat Together

a chunk of parmesan washed down with OJ

Pizza toppings

My favorite right now is a super thin crust with arugula pesto, roasted red peppers and fresh motz. Soooo good :)

Fort Lauderdale??

Casablanca in Ft. Lauderdale of A1A is a safe bet. It has a beautiful view of the ocean, good food and great drinks.

Subway Joins the Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwich Club

White Castle has the best fast food breakfast around. Their menu is small but they use a REAL fried egg! My personal favorite is the bacon egg and cheese (ask for jalepeno cheese) on a bun.

Therapeutic tedium... or hateful kitchen tasks I strangely enjoy

My favorite tedious task is grating. I love to grate potatoes, carrots, zucchini, cheese, etc. And while it is not exactly tedious, I definitely look forward to refilling all of my spices, oil and vinegar bottles, canisters and salt shakers.

I'm a vegetarian, my boyfriend is not! What to cook for him?

My go-to's are sausages and bacon. I like both of these options because you can very easily tell if they are completely cooked and you run very little chance of overcooking. Perhaps make a pasta with some italian sausage (you can pull your portion of pasta out before you add the sausage).

Stir frys are another great option. After you stir fry the veggies, you can stir fry up some thin slices of marinated chicken, beef or pork and then mix in 1/2 of the veggies to complete his portion.

Good luck!

Weekend in Chicago!

Green Zebra has a fantastic, decently priced vegetarian brunch.


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