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  • Favorite foods: NY Pizza, Prime Rib, Yankee Pot Roast, french fries, chocolate and ice cream.

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The Best Pizza by the Slice in San Francisco

I am from Brooklyn and spent last summer in San Francisco. Totally agree with you about Arinell. Made a list of my favorite SF pizza on Here is my view of Arinell. Arinell Pizza
Arinell Pizza
509 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
4.0 star rating 9/2/2014 Updated review
Ordered a whole pizza with my wife. This time they put extra oil on the pie and it was great. From now on, will always ask for extra oil. The taste was wonderful. Loved it. As good as the best in New York City, except for the bland crust.

The crust is still bland. Wish they would improve it.

A whole pie costs the same as eight slices. Wish there was a discount as there is everywhere in New York for a whole pie.
Though was more interested in finding great Chinese food, did try some pizzas. Another place I found, with better crust was Gaspare’s Pizza House & Italian Restaurant
Italian, Pizza
5546 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121

They are a restaurant and only serve whole pies. The pizza there tastes great. If you feel like sharing a whole pie, give this place a try. They open at 4:30 PM though.

12 Tourist Spots in New York That Are Actually Good

Carnegie Deli is good but an expensive tourist trap. Food is just as good at Katz's and a better price.

We Eat Every Dipping Sauce at Pommes Frites

Their fries are great and well worth the $2.50. A large order for that. The sauces are expensive.

29 Touristy Spots in America That Are Actually Good

Katz's is great but around $16. for a pastrami. Still worth it.

Too bad Leonard's in Memphis is not on the list.

Philadelphia: 10 Amazing Cheesesteaks You Should Eat

Other parts of the USA are improving on cheesesteak. It seems easier to duplicate a quality cheesesteak than to make a good NYC pizza outside NY.

I second that request for a list of top Italian beef places. Italian beef (a Chicago specialty) gets far less respect than the cheesesteak. I hope that will change.

Cheap Eats in Chinatown, NYC: 10 Great Meals Under $6

If you are in San Francisco Chinatown, go to Sam Wo on Washington Street.
Three people and a huge meal for $20. including the tip!

This Week in Pizza

Had some really good pizza in Lake Worth, Florida. Here is the place:

Steven Green
Austin, Texas

AHT Poll: White Castle or Krystal?

I have been to Krystal and White Castle extensively. Here is the difference. White Castle has floppy buns and five holes for even steam grilling. Burger is weighed after the holes are made. Krystal has puffy buns and uses mustard. (I hate mustard). I think Krystal used to use raw onions but now they use cooked onions. My last meal at a Krystal was on 1/7/10 outside Memphis. My last White Castle meal was 1/13/10 in Nashville, though I had lunch at a White Castle in Lexington, KY earlier that day. I live 70 miles from a Krystal in San Antonio, TX but I spend all summer in Brooklyn near a White Castle.

Finally, I prefer the taste of a White Castle burger to a Krystal burger (no mustard). I do love both of the burgers and never pass one by without eating some of them.

Also like the free internet connection at Krystal. No internet at White Castle.

FYI, Nashville is the only city that has White Castle and Krystal with TN and KY, the only states that have both. We should all be so blessed.

Steven in Austin, Texas

Marcello's: Satisfying Chicagoans for More Than 60 Years

I found this place on my own in 1983. They had three types of pies. Chicago, NY and extra thin. I liked the thin pie the best. It was sliced into checkerboard type square slices.

This is the best pizza that I have found in Chicago.

Alan Richman Names Top 25 Pizzas in the U.S.

I always consider New Haven number two to New York. New York and New Haven are head and shoulders above all other places.

Glad that New Haven made the list.

Di Fara Slice Up to $4!

A combination of the two? $4. slices will shorten the lines and the wait.
What percentage of the ingredients in a DiFara's slice come from other countries, particularly ones that use Euros?

The dollar is historically weak and it has weakened in a short time, when the dollar is weak, imports are more expensive. How much of his pizza is comprised of imported ingredients?

I think he is partially passing on the price increase and taking advantage of the high demand/long wait to justify a price increase. That combination plus a general increase in prices ie. inflation has led to a 25% increase.

Pizza Pilgrimage to NYC- where not to miss?

A close to complete list. All that is missing is L & B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn.

My personal favorite is DiFara's.

Is Patsy's (East Harlem) Worth the Trip?

I love pizza at Patsy's. It is great pizza, as good as pizza can be. I took my girlfriend there and had a pizza with my parents there. Everyone loved pizza at Patsy's.

A Slice of Heaven: Chain Pizza

The secret to finding a decent (not great) pizza in remote parts of the country is to go to an Italian restaurant (not a chain) and order a pizza there.

It is not always decent but often it is. If you try three Italian restaurants in a place like El Paso, one is likely to have a decent pizza.


Agreed. Pizza in Boston has always been either Regina or Santarpio's in East Boston.

Nothing more and nothing less. The search for a good Boston pizza ends at these two.


I am from Brooklyn, NY (Sheepshead Bay) and spend summers back home. Rounders on W 6th street is the real pizza in Austin.

Those others are wannabees. I have tried them once and will never return. At least not on my own dime.

I tried Saconnes and was not impressed, but I may try them again.

You Can Tell by the Way I Fold My Slice

I tried a whole pie at Lenny's and was not impressed. It is mediocre Brooklyn, which is the highest standard for pizza in the world.

I think they fall short of the standard. I would rather have my favorite neighborhood pizza than go to Bensonhurst and eat at Lenny's.

It tasted kind of stale and the crust had to be chewed too much. Chewing gum is cheaper than pizza. The taste was also mediocre Brooklyn.


Why did DeMarc's close? Quality control? I never ate there.

Steven Green

Di Fara Pizza Smackdown

One Thing That Di Fara Should Change

I wish he would have someone help him out with non preparation of pizza. Such as have someone take orders for him and keep track of the order that customers are waiting.

Also would it be so bad if someone else cut the finished pizza? Someone else could also answer the phone.

This one may be stepping over the line, but why not have a helper grate the cheese or prepare any of the other ingredients as they are needed? All right, maybe that is too much.

Great pizza, but such a long wait.


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