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A Valentine's Dinner Question ---aka---HELP!!!

Yeah, that's my thought. I tossed it and replaced it with a fontina cheese...not quite the same flavor but I always thought goat cheese was about the same consistency of cream cheese. This was a little firm and I figured be safe instead of sorry. Thanks for your response...I thought maybe I missed something.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Romantic Respites

My husband and I are staying in for Valentine's Day this year. I love the idea of the lavender cordial for another responder. I have planned some phyllo-cup mushroom and cheese appetizers made with some white wine with some sparkling wine with strawberry juice squeezed into each class. Main dish will be salmon in a marinade of soy, honey and pineapple juice with fresh herbs and some lovely mushroom rice pilaf....dessert, if we aren't too full will be some strawberry angelfood with fresh berries! All made with lots of love! Happy Valentine's to you all!


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