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I'll Have That Without [X] Please

Wait a second. I didn't give you a sincere "awesome," did I? I thought that I actually said something more along the lines like, "im going to try to bring you to the hardest place to be a vegan." heh heh.

Lunch Today: Beef Chow Fun at Red Egg

Kenji, you really think that was his brother who opened the restaurant in new jersey?!?!?!?! that was a total joke! it was the same guy.

Video: Dumpling Eating Peanut Butter

"i think he needs a glass of water" then you give him another cracker with peanut better? oh, kenjerk

Pizza Obsessives: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

aya+ken-I pretty clearly remember Sacco and Joes before it was just Saccos..


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