Everything You Can Do With a Can of Chickpeas

Awesome article. I love the direction serious eats has taken with longer, more detailed posts. I'm going to pick up a can of chickpeas on my way home and make a feta, tomato and roasted eggplant salad!

Ed Levine on Josh Ozersky: A Well-Fed Life Cut Too Short

I met Josh (and you, Ed) years ago at the serious eats meetup at the red hook ballfields food truck outing. I remember Josh talking about huaraches. I always enjoyed his work, something he was clearly passionate about. Rest in peace, Josh.

The Real Rules of Making Polenta (Hint: They're Not What Everyone Says)

I almost always make polenta with water, but we had some milk around this week and I made some last night with half milk, and it was fantastic. when I cook with just water, I always add fat at the end, but with the milk it was unnnecessary.

Curious on your opinion of the cook's illustrated trick of a pinch of baking soda?

For the Best Oatmeal Pancakes, Toast Your Oats and Brown Your Butter

I cannot imagine a recipe that suits me better.

The Vegan Experience: How to Make a Vietnamese Noodle Salad That Eats Like a Meal

This sounds amazing! We also loved the salads when we were in vietnam. One of our favorite things was a mango duck salad in Hoi An (not vegan, I know, but it was amazing).

The thing I've struggled with since returning is getting the vermicelli really right. It seemed like they used mostly freshly made vermicelli in vietnam, I wasn't sure how different this was from dried. I've struggled to get the same texture back home.

Why Diners Are More Important Than Ever

This is a great article, Ed. A neighborhood favorite I'll add: Teresa's in brooklyn heights has the best ricotta pancakes in the world on the weekends, and the apple fritters are awesome. It's my go-to diner in the culinary desert that is brooklyn heights.

11 Warming Oatmeals to Start Your Day

good call on the barley: I like to mix 1/2 barley and 1/2 steel cut oats, it gives some variety to the texture.

The Best Po' Boys in New Orleans

Soft shell crab po boy from Mahoney's is my favorite, but I haven't tried a ton.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Standing Before the Community Board

I am so rooting for the success of your restaurant, this is an awesome series. can't wait to try it, as I'm from NC.

9 Must-Try Vietnamese Drinks

In my experience, in Ho Chi Minh city, iced coffee is served with a lot of ice and the coffee itself is a concentrate. From what I can tell, you're supposed to drink slowly and let some of the ice melt and dilute the coffee. We would sit and enjoy coffee on the street in small plastic chairs that vendors usually put out.

Regional Mexican Cuisine: All About Puebla and Central Mexico

great post! we've spent several vacations in puebla, and this is a very good overview of the diversity and deliciousness of the food. The best places to eat are usually in central open air markets, in our experience. especially for things like cemitas, and huitlacoche quesadillas made with fresh cheese and cooked on the top of an oil can!

Cook the Book: 'The Homesick Texan's Family Table' by Lisa Fain

When I hear "Lone Star Cooking" I think of texas style nachos, topped with a Jalapeno, Brisket, and Shiner Bock beer. I'm not texan but greatly enjoy the homesick texan's recipes!

Does Adding Pasta Water Really Make a Difference?

I have a related question: I had some leftover homemade chicken stock, and I tried cooking pasta in that the other day, and damn if it wasn't delicious. however, I have to wonder, am I wasting the stock? no one else seems to do this, so I wonder if it's actually better.

Yes, One of NYC's Best Black and White Cookies is in a Midtown Salad Bar

I am kinda interested how you found this out. Have you been systematically trying B&W cookies at Delis? or was this a random find?

I always assume sweets at random lunch delis are terrible, so that's why I ask. seems like I am missing out!

Where Do the Locals Go for Soul Food in Harlem?

it looks like the locals go the same place as the tourists!? I am shocked that charles country pan fried chicken isn't on here.

Do I Need to Soak My Grains?

seriouseats should do an article on how to make perfect overnight steel cut oats every single time using a zojirushi rice cooker. hell, I would write an article on this.

What Ethnic Cuisines Do You Want to See in NYC?

better vietnamese, and passable biscuits. bojangles biscuits blow the doors off of anything you can get in NYC. why is this so hard?

for vietnamese, better cold noodles. hanco's noodle salads are ok, num pang's are worse than airplane food, neither hold a candle to what you can get on the street in vietnam.

Bake the Book: First Prize Pies

Pecan Pie. Way too sweet, usually doesn't taste like pecans at all.

Cook the Book: 'My Irish Table' by Cathal Armstrong

Lamb Pie, followed by Guinness Cake for dessert.

What's Your Favorite Manhattan Variation?

My wife and I often add apple juice to a standard manhattan if we want something a little less strong to sip on.

I like a manhattan with very little vermouth, but it's hard to order this as you cannot just say "dry", because then you'll get one with dry vermouth, and I think dry manhattans and perfect manhattans are terrible. so, I usually just say "a manhattan, up, with very little vermouth" and that works pretty well.

Where Do You Take Out of Towners in New York?

I like to take people to Eisenberg's for lunch, and then for a walk around Eataly. Other favorite lunch spots for guests are Taboonnette, Taim and Num Pang because they're very unique.

Ed's Vegan Diary, Week 2: Getting Tight With Tofu

I also love justin's peanut butter cups! I think they make both dark chocolate and regular varieties, the dark chocolate is my favorite. definitely an awesome treat.

Bake the Book: Puddin'

I can't believe I'm the first one to say: banana pudding!

Bake the Book: Levi Roots' Sweet

trifle, preferably from sugar sweet sunshine. their apple walnut trifle is amazing!

What's the Worst New York Restaurant Meal You've Ever Had?

Grilled Cheese at Junior's, on fulton st in brooklyn. 6 slices of american cheese on white bread, and it wasn't even cooked long enough for the cheese in the center to melt.

Ordered the grilled cheese as kind of a "hey we came to try the cheesecake, but it's lunchtime, so let's just get something" thing, so wasn't expecting anything other than two slices of white bread and some cheese, but this was truly disgusting.

Philadelphia in mid-july?

My wife and I are spending the night in Philly on a saturday in July, and looking for someplace cool/fun to eat dinner. any suggestions?

Both of us enjoy well made cocktails, and are very adventurous in terms of food.

Any recommendations? price is not a constraint, but we'd prefer a more casual experience to fine dining.

Vietnam: recommendations?

We're taking a trip to vietnam for 2 weeks, and looking forward to checking out some of the places we've found on seriouseats (egg coffee in hanoi!).

Does anyone have any "must-try" places or dishes? We plan on mostly eating on the street and in the markets, although we're open to any suggestions.


New Orleans: Places to eat on a solo vacation?

I'm going to new orleans next week for the french quarter festival. Wife can't make it, so I'll be there by myself. Any recommendations?

Places I've got on the list:
- boucherie
- willie mae's scotch house

Places I've been:
- dante's
- galatoire's (had kind of a bad experience)
- cochon
- commander's palace
- dizzy's
- stanley

red egg: great food, weird hostess

my wife and I went to red egg for dinner last night, got there at 7:15, fairly early by nyc standards. despite the place seeming half empty, the hostess asked if we had a reservation, we said no, and she said sorry, fully booked.

we went outside, and while I was looking around for other places to eat, my wife got on opentable and made a reservation for 7:45. we walked around the block, came back in, gave her our name and.... she seated us immediately. wtf?

that aside, we had some dim sum for appetizers and then shared the mushu pork. steamed pork buns were excellent, seafood dumplings were good, the red egg puffs were too sweet for my taste, I got the feeling they may be more of a dessert-ty thing that we inadverdently ordered.

mushu pork was very good also, my first time having it. solid cocktails, and everyone other than the hostess was really friendly.

shopsin's recommendations?

planning on going to shopsins this week, usually only go a couple times a year. I've tried the mac and cheese pancake egg sandwich, the sneaky pete, and the croque monsieur.

any recommendations on what to try next?

breakfast in queens? (have car!)

my wife and I have rented a car for the day, and are going to be driving to fort totten, followed by astoria for lunch. we'd like to stop for breakfast somewhere cool in queens.

where's the best breakfast in queens?

new orleans: plans

We're going to be in new orleans this week on vacation, with reservations at Galatoire's, Brigsten's and Cochon. planning on going to Stella and Ruby Slipper for breakfast, and Boucherie for lunch. Also, central grocery because we've never been.

what else should be on the list?

doughnut plant new flavors: only in chelsea?

anyone know if the LES doughnut plant is serving the new flavors that the chelsea one has? mainly, I'm thinking of the oatmeal doughnut, because boy do I love me some oatmeal. and the LES location is a lot easier for me to get to in the morning.


oatmeal trip report: bouley

tried the oatmeal at bouley this morning, based on the awesome article from last week.

totally not my thing, took 2 bites, realized I was going to be sick if I ate the whole thing, and went to whole foods for bacon and eggs instead. the review was a good description, as it's basically a cupful of cream, but there felt like there were not very many oats, which made the texture jellylike and just weird. there also just wasn't a lot of flavor to it, apart from the whole "hot cream" thing. also, at 6.50, it was really overpriced.

I'm looking forward to trying some of the other places in the article, as I really like oatmeal, but bouley just wasn't for me.

hudson river or inwood recommendations?

My wife and I are biking along the hudson from the brooklyn bridge to inwood on saturday. any recommendations for seriously delicious places to stop for breakfast, lunch, or a snack? Stay in or To go, doesn't matter. We'll be riding along the water and don't want to go too far in town until we get to inwood, where anything is fair game.

any recommendations?

mushroom barley soup, saute mushrooms first?

I'm going to make some mushroom barley soup with cremini and hen of the woods mushrooms. what does everyone think, saute the mushrooms in butter first, or just throw them in with the stock?

kenny shopsin's recipe doesn't saute first. so, what I am really asking is, should I trust kenny?

steel cut oats in 3 cup zojirushi micom

for the past 3 years I have made steel cut oats by cooking them in a 1.5 quart chefmate slow cooker. this worked pretty well, although the oats would stick to the bottom sometimes and cleaning the porcelain pot was kind of a pain, I had to leave it to soak all day.

a few weeks ago the slow cooker started to run hot and I couldn't include dried fruit anymore without it burning somewhat, so I decided to spring for a zojirushi rice cooker, to use mainly for oatmeal.

this morning, I woke up to the most perfect oatmeal I have ever made, and cleaning the bowl consisted of rinsing it out. I used a water:oats ratio of 3:1 rather the 4:1 I had been using in the slow cooker, and the results were just perfect.

I highly recommend one of these fuzzy logic rice cookers if you have oatmeal everyday like me.

best small slow cooker for oatmeal?

I have used a small chefmate slow cooker to make oatmeal overnight for the last 3 years. lately, it has started to run a bit hot and I think it's time for a new one.

anyone have any recommendations for a small, programmable slow cooker?

we have a larger slow cooker that I use for dinners, the only thing I use the small one for is 1/2c steel cuts + 2c water + dried fruit, which I have for breakfast everyday.

thanks for your help!

best uses for a bottle of red?

I have most of a bottle of red sitting at home, neither my wife and I like it enough to drink it straight. I used a little of it for a wonderful slow cooker pot roast from cook's illustrated, which was fantastic. but I don't know what to do with the rest! any good cooking with wine ideas?

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