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Gooey Apple Pie

I've been struggling with apple pies for a while now (sad, I know). Too watery, apples undercooked, I was even using the ATK deep dish recipe. With this recipe, the key seemed to be the really low temperature, finishing off with med high heat to activate the cornstarch. Didn't need to drain any of the juices nor cook off any liquid, it all comes together with the cornstarch but isn't gelatinous at all, really the best pie I've ever made. My wife doesn't like apple pie, but even she enjoyed it. Thanks Kenji, this is my go to recipe from now on.

Ask The Food Lab: How Much Liquid Should I Use When Braising?

Sounds like the correct amount of liquid is enough to come up the sides of the meat, but don't submerge it so the top can brown.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Delicious! The peanut butter mousse was perfect, well balanced (the cream cheese tang really makes this a standout), and held together well. The chocolate ganache was tasty...but the cake is out of this world. I could easily eat it by itself and be satisfied.

New England Clam Chowder

I love the idea of the emulsion, I was definitely having problems with the fat coming to the top. However, I can't get past the need for super thick, gravy like chowder, just what I'm used to I guess.

adding fruit flavor to custards

Thanks for the input, all good ideas.

Chicken Dinners: Double Crusted Chicken Pot Pie

As much as I love ATK's biscuit topped chicken pot pie, I gots to try this one. My gold standard is the Marie Calenders frozen pot pies :)

Cranberry Walnut Hermits

Just made this. When you make the batter, it gets really thick, just a little thicker than cookie batter, and certainly doesn't pour into the pan. Spreading the batter in the pan evenly was very difficult, almost like trying to spread stiff peanut butter. I really thought there was some kind of error in the recipe. Somehow, after 30 minutes, it came out perfect, tender, great flavor.

Bake the Book: The Brown Betty Cookbook

My ultimate dessert was neopolitan ice cream with magic shell, which is a chocolate syrup that hardens into a candy shell when it hits the ice cream. I would create a lattice with the syrup, eat the top layer of ice cream with the chocolate, and then lay down another layer of magic shell until I worked my way down.

My Pie Monday: Pretzel Pizza, Pizza Bun, and Baking Steel Pizzas Galore!

Adam, quick question on the onions on top; did you prep them in any way to prevent them from releasing water onto the pizza? I haven't been able to solve this problem without precooking the onions (which works but I like fresh onion flavor).

Pizza Crust is too thin

Are you using a rolling pin to roll it out? When I did that, the rim remained dead flat, but when I push and stretch the dough, the rim springs up immediately upon hitting the stone.

10 Sweet Recipes To Celebrate Oktoberfest

pshh, Skotchtoberfest isn't even a real holiday, it's just a sting operation!

The Food Lab: How To Make Traditional Vietnamese Pho


That makes sense, I was just throwing the whole thing in there, I'll try that next time. Thanks!

The Food Lab: How To Make Traditional Vietnamese Pho

Kenji, one problem I always have is that my broth is dark; I suspect it's from the charred ingredients, but as your broth is quite clear it might be something else. I also char the spices, that may be the culprit. Penny pho your thoughts (oh yeah)


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