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Born in UK, raised in Italy, lived in US for 25 years, ended up in Austria for 3, and now back in Italy - don't add them all up!

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  • Favorite foods: Pesto. Any kind, on anything.
  • Last bite on earth: Gnocchi alla gorgonzola.

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The Food Lab: Use the Pressure Cooker for Quick Caramelized Onions and French Onion Soup

Nice use of alkalinization technique! I've seen this done with carrots and pumpkin, too. Cauliflower, being already alkaline, will brown by itself when pressure cooked for longer time periods - however it's not a veggie that is "enhanced" by turning it brown. Been there, don't do that! ; )



In a Pickle: Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons

Marissa, I made a recipe close to this one about 9 months ago - it may have had more salt since I was to cut the lemons in wedges and roll them around in salt before adding to the jar.

I opened the jar and the liquid gelled! I can't find anything online about this happening. They smell great but I wonder if this is SUPPOSED to happen!??



The Food Lab: My Favorite Cooking Hacks

I would like to see a slideshow of how to smoke in your pressure cooker in the pressure cooker. I'm assuming your're doing all of this WITHOUT pressure?!?



Spice Hunting: Make Spice Kits for Fast, Creative Cooking

Love this! Actually, why not recommend we fill little baggies with particular combinations of spices - and make our own spice blends to grab and cook? It would be a good Sunday activity that would make week-night cooking a breeze. And you can make your own "New Orleans" style blend!!



The Burger Lab: The Pueblo Slopper (And How To Make Pueblo Green Chili)

Lovely, lovely description, and photos, of the difference between regular and pressure cooking! I will be linking to it so my readers can benefit from your research!


hip pressure cooking
making pressure cooking hip, one recipe at a time!

Tired of the Same Old Side Dishes....

Pancetta and Peas
Maple-glazed Carrots
Marsla Potatoes

It's difficult to be inspired n the Autumn... but there are lots of options!

Hip Pressure Cooker Lentils

I'm always glad to get feedback on my recipes! Though, it should not have really turned out "stewy," more "steamy" perhaps those lentils absorb less liquid?

Move over Le Creuset, enameled cookware is coming from Italy!

Thank you Amandarama for the information. I posted my bio because I had seen other articles (like this one which included the author bio at the bottom with links to their website.

This was my first post to "talk" and I thought I was submitting an article for review to the website not "spamming" the forums with self-promotory links.

Please be patient with me as I figure my way around this website.

I requested the community editor how I can remove this post.

Move over Le Creuset, enameled cookware is coming from Italy!

Well I am not selling anything, I just wanted to share with you what I wrote about these new pans. I am not employed by Bialetti, I just started seeing them around here (they are already starting to roll out in Italy) and I thought these were the coolest things since sliced bread.

I am really surprised that my post, intentionally written in a professional manner, has gotten such a negative response!

Move over Le Creuset, enameled cookware is coming from Italy!

P.S. I posted a picture with the article... I donĀ“t know why I can preview it with a picture but it does not publish that way.

Move over Le Creuset, enameled cookware is coming from Italy!

Wow.. can it be verbatim if I wrote it? If Bialetti chose to use the text for their website that is great, but I wrote this article as an original article.

Their original press release has some such thing about the equivalent of cooking on a plate - which was just a bad translation from the Italian - so instead, I likend it to bakeware which is something Americans can relate to a little more.

The first four paragraphs are all mine, the fifth was paraphrased since it was technically complicated there was no way of re-writing their technical specifications without risking it being completely wrong.

Thank you for your lovely comments, now go cook something.


Pressure Cookery

Ok.. late to the party here! I was about to suggest that steamer (two years later!). I use it as a steamer and a trivet. You can see photos of it in use in these recipes:

How can I read your most recent pressure cooker exploits?


Cook the Book: Risotto with Mushrooms, Olives, and Leeks

It looks delicious! I make my pressure-cooker risotto differently. When you open the pan, it is not soupy... it is ready to serve!

This is the recipe Italians use... so you can't go wrong with this!

Introducing Photograzing: Share Your Favorite Food Photos Here

My picture was rejected due to poor composition. Oh well.. I thought it looked nice.

Dinner Tonight: Summer Squash Risotto

The rice grains look a little over-cooked and the rice a bit liquidy in the photo. My guess is that you did not adjust your recipe to account for the wetness of the zucchini and over-cooked it a bit trying to absorb the liquid. I always reduce my liquid by about 25% when adding "summer squash".

Next time, try making it in a pressure cooker!