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Atlantic ray wings

thanks for your curiousity RIBSTER, I bought them from a fishmonger but they were pre-packed , presumably coz they're not local catch so I don't know what kind of 'ray' they were.....
Won't be trying again tho, kinda bland and had like a fin running right through with meat either side so was left hungry after (good excuse for banoffee pie, mmm).
I seasoned and griddled them then finished off with a knob of butter. Oh well you have to try these things :{

Vacation Cooking

Since I'm in England forgive me for not knowing what the weather is like right now but salad is screaming out to me. If you're on vacation you don't want to spend loads of time preparing- I'd chop it all into separate bowls and let everyone serve themselves, with some fresh seafood if it is available. Enjoy your holiday!

Your take on asparagus

if its baby asparagus thats when the ends aren't woody. otherwise definately break. adding to stock sounds like a good idea

Dinner Tonight: Cauliflower Purée

it would have been perfect with about a quarter of the salt content, I was left thirsty and my lips were actually tingling! I will try again though because it is really tasty. My husband actually thought it had potato in! try adding some chopped chives, it gave it a bit of colour and looked a bit more special

Using chicken that's been cooked for stock

I'd go for mexican tortilla wraps with loads of roasted peppers, onions and spices in, you'll never notice the texture of the meat when its all rolled together


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