Mexican Grocery Store

I am in Arizona on for a couple weeks and have access to a GREAT mexican grocery store. What things should I make while I'm here? And what should I take home?!

Turkish bread

Does anyone have a recipe for turkish bread? I used to go to a Turkish restaurant all the time and they had the best bread, baked in a wood oven and finished with sesame and nigella seeds.

Wine jello shots?

Has anyone ever made jello shots with gelatin and white wine? I am going to attempt making those or guinness and gelatin but I have no idea where to start - HELP!!

ultimate coconut cake

I am planning on making Robert Carter's ultimate coconut cake for a birthday and everything looks great except the frosting (we don't like cream cheese!). I have read the reviews of the cake and the only complaint was it being too sweet so I'm worried that if I go with a traditional buttercream or something similar it will overwhelm the cake. Suggestions?!

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