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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever (Unless You Have a Better One)

The breakfast cookie sounds great, but instead of cranberries, I'd do dried cherries. Cherries & chocolate? Wow!

Purple cauliflower?

I can tell you what NOT to do with it & that's to make soup from it. I ended up with cream of blue soup last year after using some I got at the farmer's mkt! There's a reason not too many foods are blue, believe me.

Former 'Next Top Model' Elyse Sewell Eats Dog Stew in Seoul

And you called me juvenile? Go back to your anonymity; you'll never change my position on this issue. Hiding behind your "culture" is a sorry excuse. Enough said.

Former 'Next Top Model' Elyse Sewell Eats Dog Stew in Seoul

johnmccollum, sorry, but not too many people domesticate cows or pigs. I am a vegetarian, not usually a proselytizing one, but this is too much. I didn't realize that you were the one to set the standards for this blog, sorry!

Former 'Next Top Model' Elyse Sewell Eats Dog Stew in Seoul

This goes beyond the realm of disgusting all the way to incomprehensibly barbaric! Do you honestly believe that readers of this blog want to see ANYTHING that has to do with eating DOG!!!!!!!!!!!! What's next, cat fritters? You total morons-get a GRIP!!!!!!

Mochi + Waffle = The Moffle

The panini press does a great job-the results are little "fingers" of mochi. Try it!

In Videos: Posh Nosh

Thank you, thank you! my PBS station used to run these, but haven't been lately. I LOVE them. ("bread AND butter pudding", e.g.) Cheerio!

Canadian Cuisine?

First, let me say I LOVE Canada & Canadians, but their food? Not so much. Even in Toronto, surely a metropolis, you can give it a miss. Best is Asian fare out in B.C.

Initial Reactions to New Starbucks Brew

Good grief! It's a cup of joe, for Pete's sake!

Do you tempeh here?

charm city cupcake-you go girl (guy)! To answer the question, I find that if you slice the cakes in half horizontally, they fry up better & take any marinade or sauce easier. Try the mixed grain ones, as well. they're pretty good. I like mine in a "club sandwich" , fried 1st, like bacon & use all the fixings as in a blt.

Cook the Book: The Cornbread Gospels

I love this book. For years, i've been using organic corn flour for my corn muffins-tender like you woudn't believe!

I Love Creamed Spinach

OMG, I adore creamed spinach. In a pinch (don't hate me!) I've even thrown some Stouffer's into the mircrowave. The nutmeg is what it's all about to me for flavoring. Has to be fresh ground.

Those green sprouts inside garlic

raki5-It's not the time, it's the freshness. Each sprout has sapped goodness out of the clove, diminishing its flavor & size. Removing the sprout is easy, but I'd like to keep mine from sprouting. I guess there is no way, kind of like eyes on potatoes.

Fresh Ricotta!

Seems to me that Giadda uses ricotta in everything! I'd check Food Network for her recipes.

Honey Help.

srhcb, yes I think if you used honey such as buckwheat, its strong taste wouldn't necessarily "ruin" the recipe, but it would jump out at you too much IMHO.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 11: Less Really Is More

I happened to catch "I can make you thin" on TLC the other night. I've followed this guy's advice to eat at the table-no TV, reading, or internet. After each bite, PUT THE KNIFE & FORK DOWN!" and chew each mouthful at least 20x. No alcohol with the meal. Eat what you want & like until full & don't save the leftovers. The pants I couldn't zip up on Monday sild on like a dream yesterday! (2 days!)I am never hungry, but realize now that my eating habits were the worst. At home, meals were just an aside to crosswords, the news, TV and surfing the net. Now I really apreciate what I eat and can leave something on my plate. I think there are more points to his program, but he said this method is enough for some. Lucky me!

Honey Help.

I'd suggest using a medium colored honey in this case, most wildflower honeys are in that category. It's dependent on what flowers they've visited. Better to use lighter than darker. As per chiffonade's comment, I think there is a distict difference in honey flavors. Ask any apiarist. When you taste different honeys you can usually discern the flavor and/or scent of the flowers .

Need Gnocchi Know-How!

chiff0nade has the right idea. The potatoes have to be totally lump free. No one has mentioned how each gnocchi should have ridges on it to hold the sauce. These can be made using a special ridged wooden paddle over which you roll each dumpling or you may use the back of a dinner fork. That's how i learned from a Sicilian chef.

Those green sprouts inside garlic

I'm a bit apprehensive about what they use/do with the cloves to keep them fresh. I have to believe it's sulfites or nukes. If you peel garlic yourself, it doesn't keep too long. does it say on the bottle what else is in there?

Almond Butter-- what to do?

Funny you should ask, but one day I was ready to make a tahini dressing to serve on a panino with beans & found I was out of tahini (sesame butter). What I did have was a big jar of almond butter. That substitution was a real discovery. Mixed with yogurt, a bit of fresh pressed garlic, a splash of lemon juice and S&P to taste and voila! a creamy, good-for-you dressing. For a thicker spread, just add a little mayo. I think some herbs could be good too. Maybe chopped basil or parsley or even some chipotle pepper flakes to give it some heat.

What do you put in your minestrone?

Nah, no mushrooms. Escarole? Maybe, add at the end. Not sure, though. Might over power it? Two things for sure make the best for me-throw some unpeeled garlic cloves in your toaster oven until soft-not burned, chop & add. Also, the ends from grating cheese: grana, pecorino,parm. Beans! Garbanzo or pinto are the usual, but there's nothing keeping you from trying a different kind. Not black, though. Fresh basil, and I've found that fire roasted tomatoes add a great taste. The dregs from last night's red wine. Bay leaves, fresh or dried, carrots, onions. Add stock or water & you're good to go. The cheese ends thicken it nicely. You should remove what's left of them before serving.

Grocery Store Eggs Vs. Public Market Eggs

I used to keep chickens and the more greens they ate, the yellower the yolks were. Mine loved to roam free & only returned to the henhouse to lay eggs & at night. The only drawback was, that as a vegetarian, I couldn't kill them so after they got older, I figured each egg cost me about two dollars!
Strangely enough, it was while living in NYC that I had the best eggs ever-right from Food Emporium! They are "Country Hen" eggs and are the very finest, in my humble opinion. I always bring some back to the country with me when I leave.
I agree that the photos in this article must have been switched-the colors are reversed as far as I can tell.

Cook the Book: Healthy and Delicious Artichoke, Oven-Roasted Tomato, and Goat Cheese Panini

Bought a panini press after reading Ina Garten's recommendation & am thrilled with its versatility. I got the nice sized DeLonghi one from Amazon for a great price. It looks so sleek & retro on my counter & it stands on end, so it takes virtually no space. My all time favorite panino is creamy taleggio combined with sauteed oyster mushrooms. Salt & pepper are all that's required to finish this dream of a concotion off! Also, try pieces of the highest quality dark chocolate (read Scharffenberger) topped with dried cherries. Oh my, fantastical. My friends throng to my house for "panini nights". I set out a variety of breads, fillings & spreads and let them go to it. Lots of fun & laughter ensues.

Essentials: Stuffed Eggs

It's so funny, but whenever I include a platter of deviled eggs amidst more highbrow eats for a gathering, they're always the first to go. Must be their association with our childhooods, do you think? All those wonderful picnics & backyard cook-outs. How neat it was to open one's lunchbox at school the next day & find the 2 halves of a deviled egg tucked in there! The tiniest bit of truffle can turn this family treat into an epicure's cocktail bite. For another spin, hold a spatula over 1/2 of the stuffed egg & sprinkle with paprika, then repeat on the other side with dried parsley flakes. Pretty!

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'Around the World in 80 Dinners'

Paris for macarons at Ladurée
London for high tea at the Ritz
New York for bellinis at Cipriani's on Fifth


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